Zakaria Quote Of The Day

Today, when most people think about globalization, they still think about it mostly in terms of the huge amounts of cash – currency traders swap about $2 trillion a day – that sloshes around the globe, rewarding some countries and punishing others. It is globalization’s celestial form of discipline.


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  1. gregorylent

    when i think about globalization i think about nature, which is fully globalized, no questions asked. we humans are just expanding our limited understandings enough to see how life (already) is. no big deal

  2. fakedjs

    When I think globalization, I think of soft power, not money nor politics.

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    1. Dan Weinreb

      When I think about globalization, I think of what’s discussed in the book “The Elephant and the Dragon” by Robyn Meredith, about the economic rise of India and China. It’s really all about the supply chain, and Adam Smith’s point about doing each manufacturing step in the place where it is most efficient.