Geo Analytics

Our portfolio company provides a service of the same name that tells you what is going on in your neighborhood (if you live in the US). The way they do this is they pull in all kinds of local content, including blogs, and they tag up the content with geocodes down to the neighborhood and place.

Ever since we’ve invested, I have been excited by the idea of revealing all of this metadata back to the local content creator (including local bloggers). Well today is a big day because has launched its hyperlocal analytics service, called GeoToolkit. If you create local content and want to find out more about the neighborhoods and places you blog about, including who else blogs about them and links to you, then you should check out GeoToolkit. If your blog’s feed is being pulled by, then the data will be there for you today. If your blog’s feed is not being pulled by, then you can simply add it and you will start seeing geo analytics shortly.

What do geo analytics look like? Here are some screen shots of geo analytics the NYC real estate blog Curbed:

Six Month Data On Neighborhoods


Six Month Neighborhood Rankings


6 Month Place Data


There are a bunch more reports and you can slice and dice the data in many ways. But hopefully these screen shots will give all you local bloggers a desire to go to Geo Toolkit and check your stats and, if necessary, give your feed so they can start to track your blog posts.

If you do that, please let me know what you think.

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