Interview In A Cab

While I was in Berlin, Lukasz filmed a short interview in the cab headed to our last meeting. By this time, I had seen 32 startups in less than 32 hours and I was pretty exhausted. But I think I was at least partially coherent. And here’s Lukasz’ blog post if you read german.


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  1. simondodson


  2. Dan Weinreb

    32 pitches in fewer than 32 hours? Over how many days? After having read your writing for so long, it is good to see what you look and sound like; thanks for putting up the video. Investing in companies in another country must be tricky, the legal and accounting rules, not to mention customs and expectations, presumably being different. But it must have been a lot of fun to hear from and meet all of them! I’ve met many software engineers from Germany who are extremely talented.

  3. mikesabat

    Seesmic video reply from Disqus.