My Favorite Things About Paris

  Paris :  01.07.2008 22:13 
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We are leaving Paris today. Taking the eurostar to London for a few days and then back to the states. I thought I’d say goodbye to Paris with a list of my favorite things about Paris. I got the idea from the Gotham Gal who is composing a similar list.

Here my ten favorite things about Paris in no particular order.

1) The Bread – From croissants to baguettes and everything in between

2) The Coffee – A great cup of coffee on every corner

3) The Weather – Much cooler than July in New York City

4) The Language – I love to hear it spoken and like to try to speak it as well though I do it badly.

5) The Velib – We biked all over Paris. I think I used the Velib almost every day we were in town.

6) Mobile Broadband Underground – The Metro is great, with Internet it’s the best subway system I’ve ever been on.

7) Eating Outside – We have so few places in NYC to sit outside and eat and drink and watch the scene. In Paris, you get that everywhere.

8) The River Seine – Many european cities are built on rivers, but few are as lovely as the Seine.

9) The Pompidou – We went to many museums during our stay but the Pompidou is by far my favorite.

10) The Apartment Buildings – I love the look of the parisian apartment buildings. This is a photo I took of one from the Promenade Plantee. They are so beautiful and they are everywhere.

A Building Next To The Promenade