Smart Move

My friend Eric is in town and we are going to see some live music tonight. After spending some time on Hype Machine this morning, I decided we’d go see Tilly and the Wall at Bowery Ballroom.

When I went to Ticketmaster to purchase tickets, I got two free downloads on iTunes. Combine that with the free downloads I got earlier this week from purchasing Ben Kweller tickets (yes, Ben is coming to town on Oct 16th!!), and I have 8 free downloads.

So I went to iTunes and bought the eight most popular Tilly and the Wall tracks on iTunes and will listen all day on my iPhone. When you go to a show, it’s helpful to know the music. Ticketmaster and iTunes are doing their part to make that happen and it’s a very smart move.

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  1. Farhan Lalji

    Like people have been saying the money is in the tours and merchandise, so give the music away, expose more people to the artists and get them to spend on higher quality, priced goods. Hopefully, we’ll see more of this kind of behaviour.

  2. BillSeitz

    With those $15 service charges, I think TicketMaster can afford it.

  3. gregorylent

    you are like your wife! (when you go to a foreign country, it is helpful to plan ahead. :-))man, i love to be blown away by newness. nothing like a new band (or a new city) discovered fresh and live.but i digress from your subject matter, which, i guess is that ticketmaster is not entirely evilhave a great time

    1. fredwilson

      i didin less than 24 hours, i heard of the band, i got into them, got some songs on my ipod, and then saw them livethat’s awesome

  4. A3Munier

    hi fred, this might interest you. free music download by kings of leon….

    1. fredwilson

      Wow. Thanks.

  5. nickdavis

    Fred, I must say that you made an absolutely perfect choice. Tilly is so unique, their songs so catchy, and their three sirens so mesmerising.Tilly is probably my favorite band right now. If you want to get into a full album, start with Bottoms of Barrels.-Nick

    1. fredwilson

      They are a lot of fun in concert

  6. Jeff

    Hard to say those iTunes tracks were free. How much were service charges on each ticket?

  7. Ian Bell

    What you’ve illustrated (and this is obvious for some) is that the entire game has turned. The commodity of recorded music exists to promote ticketed events. Used to be the other way round. Lazy old hacks like Metallica want to sit on their ass for years and buy Ferraris with the proceeds from a few weeks’ work without supporting the sale in any way. Jason Schwartzman has his own band, and when you buy the CD he includes a unique polaroid that he personally took somewhere on tour or at his home. The music business favours the hard working, once again.

  8. ToddC

    I despise Ticketmaster. Money is in live music, I just wish it wasn’t in non refundable service charges for such an automated process. Hopefully the breakup of Ticketmaster and LiveNation might shake things up a bit.

    1. markslater

      i absolutely despise them as well. and no i don’t believe the music industry has meta morphed yet. while progress has been made on discovery, consumption is still confused, and ticket master has replaced the labels in controlling the only meaningful revenue opportunity for an artist by monopolizing the distribution.

  9. pedalpete

    I think you left out one thing in this post Fred. How did you find out that Tilly and the Wall where playing in NYC? Where you familiar with the band already? As I have a start-up in alpha ( which connects music fans with live music anywhere in the world and plays tracks of the artists, I’m curious as to what tool you use to discover and decide what shows to see. The Hype Machine is a great tool as well – in no way am I taking anything away from them, but I don’t see how you would really use it to find live music, so I assume that is not what you where insinuating.

    1. fredwilson

      I love the bowery ballroom so that’s my first choice when people want to gosee live music with meSo I went to and saw that tilly was playing and then wentto hypem to check them out

  10. Harry David

    Why the hell buy at Ticketmaster when there are fee-free tickets at the box office? Sounds a bit pointless to me.Tilly is alright, personally I enjoyed the guitarist’s side project (Flowers Forever) at Lightspeed Champion more.Ben Kweller is a talentless bore who plays off of bad pop rock stereotypes. Both the music and lyrics are horrible and don’t step out of his crappy comfort zone.I try to avoid Bowery events as much as possible and go to the smaller, independent venues. Their takeover is making me sick.

    1. fredwilson

      I love ben kweller and his music. Different strokes for different folks I guess

  11. hud

    I’d recommend getting there in time for Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson. saw him in June at Southpaw opening up for Deer Tick and he was great. listen/dload at RcrdLbl: most i have nothing positive to say for TicketMaster: after years of outrageously high convenience charges and aggro biz practices, there is only hatred. and then when i have little choice but to use it, i’m given two ‘free’ songs on iTunes? it doesn’t ameliorate the situation and only increases my severe distaste for Ticketmaster, to put it mildly.

  12. G-man

    Fred,I may have missed this, but are you now using an iPhone? And is it the 3G version? Has your view on the iPhone changed over time?

  13. kenberger

    I have long been in both awe and disgust over the monopolistic stranglehold that TM seems to still hold over the industry. Tough to think of a web-based company more ripe for disruption by a new competitor than they. And yet I can’t resist paying their egregious fees for convenience.Eric’s new company is more than capable of powering part of such a disruptor and many others, and def the guy to pull it off!

  14. kidmercury

    you should have all music downloads free, not just 8 of them, and they shouldnt be coming from a crappy company like apple, but rather from a music broadcaster (like yourself) or from the artist directly (though i think many artists will become music broadcasters to maximize the attention they get from their audience). in sum, it won’t be a proper new economy world until we get a lot more stuff for free. but we’ll get there sooner or later.

  15. jaredstill

    Fred,Wait…what? When did you get an iPhone? Did you get a 2.0? I thought you took back the one you got from the wife & kids.Btw, I love my iPhone. But as I explain to people it’s because my usage is much like yours that you profiled a few weeks back (text, email, iPod, contacts/calendar)…however, the simplicity of the phone U/I and the ear bud headphones have me actually placing/taking a few more calls than normal!Take care

    1. fredwilson

      Did I say iphone instead of ipod? Must have been a freudian slip because I still use an ipod for music. But I did get an iphone 3g last tuesday. I’ve yet to use it but I got it because we are actively investing in the iphone platform and I can’t comfortably invest in service I don’t actively use

  16. sarah_s

    tilly & the wall’s label make their albums available for free download (in their entirety) on their website — the new one isn’t up yet but the other ones are.

  17. Michael Christoff

    i’d be much more impressed by ticketmaster if they stopped charging such absurd fees

  18. Web Design

    you must have had a fun time… and a very economical deal on the music.. no doubt a good move