Tech Newsjunk

Dave Winer has launched a new tech news site

It is called Tech Newsjunk

Its like techmeme but exclusively focused on products

I like this idea a lot. I wrote recently that I wanted new places to go for inspiration

This is a step in the right direction

Go check it out

#VC & Technology

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  1. Marcel Weiss

    Techeme gets its news via the links in the articles it crawls and such. newsjunk get’s its news through a bunch of people choosing stories by hand.See Daves comment here:”There’s judgment involved, it’s not wisdom of the crowds, a small number of people including myself are reviewing stuff and choosing stories to push out. The articles aren’t submitted, we’re watching a lot of feeds.”…so the comparison to techmeme is incorrect. I think Dave should make that more clear and not only post such infos in the comments as I first thought it’s based on algorithms as well.

    1. dave

      I knew tech people would want to talk about the tech behind it, but I don’t — judge it by what it finds for you and the ideas you get from reading it. If it doesn’t have value for you then please don’t use it.But just by existing it has value for me because: 1. I am learning about new products and blogs that cover products. 2. It refocuses at least some attention on what I think is most important in tech — products.It’s like TechMeme in one way, both show you new things. But that’s about the only similarity as far as I can see. In fact it wouldn’t surprise me if its focus got incorporated into TechMeme, it might end up influencing TM a lot. We’ll see, it’s just getting started.Also if you’re the type of person who judges a tech product on Day 1, then you don’t understand tech, imho. It’s a process. will get better over time as we get better sources and learn which ones are good and which are not so good. And I think new blogs will pop up too that focus on products.

      1. jonathanmarcus

        Pretty fantastic start. And, product on the internet is indeed an evolutionary process (fortunately). Excited to watch the site grow.

        1. dave


      2. fredwilson

        dave – based on one day’s experience, tech newsjunk is awesome. i found out about tweetdeck which i love and tinurl’s new custom url feature. didn’t see either of those on techmeme today

        1. dave

          Excellent. It’s a total win if new product guys without funding can meet creative financial leaders like yourself.The key is focus. It’s often hard to find the good stuff in the sea of tech news.

  2. Zach

    Looks like more of the same to me. Went through page one and saw a total of two blogs that I’m not already subscribed to…

    1. fredwilson

      Well for people who use feed readers, maybe its not that usefulBut I don’t use a reader and rely on smart aggregators to see posts I wantto seeI like this one

      1. Zach

        In that case I can definitely see some value. Hopefully the site doesn’t come down with a case of Techmemitis though – which will be hard to avoid if the source is a few people watching feeds. I now stick to Hacker News.

  3. Dan Frommer

    Not working for me. Getting an error when I try to click the links.

  4. Mark Bean

    Junk is right.