Are You In College In NYC And Thinking About Working At A Startup?

Greg Yardley, founder/CEO of our portfolio company Pinch Media tells the following story about graduating from college and facing the career question:

When I finished school, I had a MA in Russian history and absolutely no idea what to do with myself – I started working as a customer support rep at an Internet startup because they were the first ones to offer me a job.  (If the startup was a week later with the job offer, I’d probably be a 911 emergency operator today.  Sometimes life can lead you to unexpected places.)  I was surprised to stumble across a field that I loved – soon I became a product manager, and now I’m the co-founder of a company.  You never know – maybe there’s a career here for you that you’ve never considered.

And so he’s going back to his roots to get some help. Greg’s looking to hire a couple of NYC-based college students who can spend up to 20 hours a week at Pinch Media. Here’s the details:

Pinch Media is a small, early-stage startup working on tools for iPhone application developers.  Right now it’s just me and a team of developers – the developers do the programming, and I do everything else.  I can’t do everything I’d like to do right now, so I’m looking for some help.  The work will involve pretty much everything besides programming – you’ll be doing some administrative tasks, some marketing work, some basic product & project management, some customer support, some research – you name it, you’ll have an opportunity to do it.

I’m looking for one or two interns to work around twenty hours a week each.  Our offices are at 20th & Broadway, in the middle of the Flatiron District.  The hours are relatively flexible and can be structured around a college schedule.  These are paid positions, although the pay is low – we’re a capital-efficient company, and trying to do a lot with a little.  Relevant experience is always appreciated, but isn’t strictly necessary for this job – the primary things I’m looking for are raw intelligence, enthusiasm, strong communications skills, and the ability to learn quickly. 

We’re happy to consider everybody, but for personal reasons I’d especially like to talk to students who’ve never considered working at a dot-com, because they believed their academic backgrounds weren’t suitable. 

After your internship with Pinch Media, you’ll know what it’s like to work at an early-stage start-up, you’ll have relevant experience in a variety of functional roles, and you’ll be well-positioned for a full-time, entry-level role in the Internet industry.  (You’ll also have developed a number of strong connections, with ourselves and with our investors, which come in handy when looking for that first position.)  If you’re interested, send your resume and a personal note to [email protected]

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