Brad Talks To The Deal

When you read this blog, you are getting the thoughts and ideas of not just me, but really of all my colleagues at Union Square Ventures. It’s impossible to separate what are my ideas and what are the ideas of our firm. There’s no better example of that than my partner Brad, who I founded Union Square Ventures with in 2003. Brad writes a fair amount on the Union Square Ventures blog, but if you don’t read that, you may not realize how thoughtful and articulate he is. Here’s an interview he did with The Deal last week and I think you’ll recognize a lot of the ideas I’ve been blogging about lately in here.

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  1. Mark Collier

    Can you install an iPhone friendly design on the union square blog, as you’ve done here ?

    1. fredwilson

      Good idea!!!!We’ll make it happen asapFred

  2. aarondelcohen

    Brad, strong interview. I think you should be weaving in the occasional mention of a portfolio company (meetup having an impact on people’s lives). I think this is no-longer self-serving and more the expectation in the media landscape and it’s all part of shaping the “conventional wisdom.”Your thesis on self-expression to life impact is provocative and influencing me.

  3. andrew

    Sounds like a logical guy who is always adapting. very focused.

  4. kenberger

    Am I the first to say that Brad resembles Hugh Hefner? (younger of course)

    1. ceonyc

      No, you’re not. Kerri and I used to say that all the time.

    2. fredwilson

      Brad would know the answer to that

  5. ceonyc

    – Doing something that hasn’t been done before- Opportunities focused on mainstream audiences- Areas where you’re actually having an impact on someone’s work and someone’s lifeCheck, check, check. No wonder Brad’s a Path 101 angel investor. 🙂