Comment Of The Day: Web Services That Cater To Both The Publisher And The Reader

"You have to build a service with the user/reader in mind or you won’t get any uptake. But if you can’t engage the content creator in your service, you’ll lose something important"

what’s most interesting about this thought – which clearly I agree with and in fact we look for and build services that support the notion – is that it implicitly acknowledges that the line between content consumption and creation (i.e, publisher and reader) is blurred, maybe to the point where the distinction no longer matters.  Instead, more interesting value is being created by services which take new ways of looking at content, from the perspective not of the originator (or owner) of the content, but by its velocity, its movement, its consumption patterns.

So tremendous value can be created by looking at and building applications that, as you say, serve both sides of the equation because that’s where the action is occurring.

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