Crunchbase SMS Interface

Fred, for the Crunchbase link via SMS, text "cbsms tumblr" OR "cbsms fred wilson" to 41411.  The SMS bot will send you a link to the most relevant page on Crunchbase for any search term that follows "cbsms" (Crunchbase SMS)… companies, people, financial institutions, whatever. 

Russell, very cool!  I’m not a developer, but it took just a few minutes to figure this out on Textmarks.  What a great tool.

Originally posted as a comment by Joe Lazarus on A VC using Disqus.

There were a bunch of comments to that post with suggestions on how to get an SMS interface to Crunchbase but Russ suggested textmarks and did a halfway solution and Joe picked it up and finished the job. This community even does open source projects! Thanks everyone for solving this one for me.

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  1. Fraser

    I like the new way to reblog a comment and highlight it on the page. Given the richness of the avc community discussion I suspect and hope we’ll see this a lot more

    1. fredwilson

      This works great.All you have to do is go enter up your blog(s) in disqus and you can rebloganywhere.Check out fredwilson.vcI reblogged a comment from avc to yesterday tooYou could see a comment on this blog and reblog it onto your blogOr I could see a comment on your blog and reblog it onto my blogThis isn’t available in the disqus WP plugin and won’t be formally announceduntil isHopefully in the next week or two

      1. Joe Lazarus

        Thanks for the reblog. That’s a cool Disqus feature.If Daniel Ha from Disqus is listening, I’d like to receive an email from Disqus when someone reblogs my comment. Also, I’d prefer if the attribution URL for my name here on Fred’s reblog linked back to my site instead of my profile on Disqus. I want Fred’s SEO Google juice 🙂

        1. obscurelyfamous

          Appreciate the feedback.The entire post body (including the line of attribution) is pre-filled in a suggested format but can be changed by the author.

  2. Alex Hammer

    Crowdsourced and participatory databases are a good idea for content creation, and the SMS will, I would think, aid in regard to viral marketing. Michael Arrington is an incredible expert on both integrating his products, and then marketing them to the world (brand creation and extension).

  3. slowblogger

    I have long felt the need to save my comments somewhere, as I found myself writing (and often enjoying) more comments than writing on my own blog. So, I have been using some solutions to keep my comments somewhere.I first used Cocomment, which was probably the most optimized that purpose. But they did not provide a good UI, fonts being too small etc, and they did not work in some platform (like Disqus, understandably).So, I switched to Tumblr, which is more robust, though it takes a few more seconds with Tumblr than with Cocomment.Recently, I started considering using WordPress with Pressthis. The decision will be based on whether I would like to have the comment blog and the regular blog separate, which is as-is, or integrated.Personally, Disqus did not fit in my own blogging/commenting pattern so far, though I think it is very neat. I may try the reblogging feature a bit.