Disqus Gives Users What They've Been Asking For

Our portfolio company Disqus has released a new version of their third party comment system. This is a big release with a ton of new features. But the one that everyone has been asking for is "native" wordpress integration. What this means is as follows:

* Improved platform integration including WordPress plugin 2.0
   – Powered by the new developer API
   – Comments are SEO friendly
   – Automatic data sync between Disqus and the local database
   – Seamless import/export of old and new comments
   – Moderate right from the WordPress Admin

Now you can use Disqus on WordPress and get all the benefits of the Disqus system and not lose any of the benefits of native comments on WordPress. You keep your SEO, every comment is synched into WordPress’ comment database so if you leave Disqus you’ll have all your comments in WordPress, and you can moderate comments in WordPress.

I love disqus because it amplifies the conversation on my blog. If you want to try it out but have been nervous about some of the issues people have raised, now is the time to give it a spin.

Disqus also announced today that over 30,000 blogs have adopted its comment system. That’s a pretty good number and it means that when someone comes to your blog to leave a comment, there’s a really good chance that they are already registered and have a profile in disqus. That’s a big deal.

#VC & Technology