Fred's Mountain

  View From Fred’s Mountain 
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My friends Brad, Amy, Matt and Mariquita took a hike up Fred’s Mountain  (on the Wyoming/Idaho border near Grand Teton) yesterday and sent me this from their phone on the hike. That is a glorious view.

I wish I was there, but getting a photo like that "phone to phone" is kind of like being there for a moment.

It’s true that I’d like to fund teleportation (but not beta test it), but short of teleportation, mobile social media isn’t too bad to take you to another place for a moment.

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  1. gregorylent

    there has been something called astral travel in every culture in the world for centuries … the sensation of instant imagination that you had with the phone to phone experience is very close to the real thing …there is not much difference between clairvoyance and instant messaging either …nice post , you perhaps intuited the deeper understanding, hence the teleportation comment

  2. kidmercury

    you may want to talk to rand corporation, NASA, and others involved in the military-industrial-aerospace complex regarding teleportation technology. i doubt they’ll let you fund it, and they’ll probably put you under surveillance just for inquiring, but since the telecoms and the NSA already have you under surveillance since the telecommunications act of 1996, i guess you don’t have much to lose.yes, i’m joking. but the humor is in the truth.

  3. Matt Blumberg

    Full photo credit goes to Amy on this one!