From E*Trade To Twitter

Yesterday I sold the gold and silver stocks in my E*Trade account. Gold worked for me, silver did not, but I wanted to rotate out of commodities and into tech.

Around mid-day, the following updates appeared in my twitter stream:


Here’s how this happened. Covestor, a Union Square Ventures portfolio company, tracks my E*Trade account and collects all the buy and sell activity in my portfolio. They just added the option to automatically post all trades to Twitter. So I turned that option on yesterday morning (settings, import/export for those of you who use Covestor).

I just put a couple market orders in today to complete the rotation out of commodities and into tech so those that follow me on twitter will see updates when those orders are filled.

I love how all these web services are getting stitched together by us (the users). It’s the foundation of the web we are building, an open and connected web controlled by the end users.

This makes five out of the past ten blog posts where I have mentioned one of our portfolio companies. Apparently it’s gotten out of hand:

Fred – There’s 4 posts about your portfolio companies in the last
3 days… I hate to say it but this blog is starting to feel like a
bunch of advertising for companies you invest in. If I wanted to read
about pinch media,, return path and disqus every day I could
to go their company blogs.

I’ll try to cut down the advertisements and get back to the regularly scheduled programming, but there are some exciting things going on in our portfolio that are the result of ideas expressed on this blog every day. My work and this blog are one and the same. So the ads will continue, but I do take the point.

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