Goodbye Olympics, Hello Conventions

I followed two twitter bots during the Olympics, 08olympics and twittolympic. They were both great and I want to thank the people who put them together and operated them. I got more olympics news from these two bots than any other source. It helped me keep connected to the olympics while I was traveling and away from the TV. And it made the TV watching even better when I was able to do that.

I’ve stopped following these bots now that the Olympics is over and now I want to turn my attention to the two conventions, the Democrats this week and the Republicans next week.

Can anyone recommend good twitter bots to follow the convention news? I don’t want individual twitters, I want bots that aggregate the best links and tweets. Please leave your suggestions in the comments and I’ll reblog the best suggestions (gotta love reblogging comments!).

UPDATE: I am still searching for some good bots to follow, but this HuffPo twitter account seems like it’s going to be good. I’m following it now.

2nd UPDATE: Added rss_democrats and rss_republicans. Two more twitter bots to follow. And I stopped following the HuffPo twitter account on my mobile. It was a firehose.

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