Reblogging Comments

If you visited this blog over the weekend you saw this post which looks like this:


That post was a reblog of that comment left by Joe Lazarus. I was able to reblog it with one click using Disqus.  This is a feature I’ve been asking for since Disqus launched and it finally arrived today.

Here’s how it works. If you have a disqus profile (you probably do if you leave comments here regularly), go to that profile and give disqus the login credentials to your blog. Then whenever you see a comment you want to reblog, hit the reblog link that is after the comment right next to the reply link. It’s that simple.

As I explained to Alan at Centernetworks:

i regularly get great comments on my blog and want to be able to elevate them to the front page easily. this does that for me.

i also sometimes leave comments on other blogs that are full blown
blog posts and i’ve wanted a way to showcase them on my blog while
recognizing the blog they came from. this does that as well.

That was a comment I left on Alan’s blog. If he was using Disqus, I could have posted it here with all of the relevant links with one click.

When stuff like this gets easier, more people will do it and commenting will become more popular because your comments will sometimes end up as blog posts where you get the credit.

Disqus is all about making commenting easier and better for everyone. And reblogging is a big step in the right direction.

I am going to try to reblog a comment at least 2 to 3 times a week. Hopefully I’ll do it even more.

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