Seedcamp London - Deadline Approaching

Seedcamp London is europe’s closest thing to YCombinator and similar programs here in the states (funny to say that because I am writing this in St Andrews University in Scotland).

The deadline for applying to this fall’s Seedcamp London program is this coming Sunday, August 10th. If you want to apply, go here.

Applicants are whittled down to 40 teams who come to interview in-person for a shot at the final 20 the third week in September. Union Square Ventures will be there that week to participate although unfortunately it does not look like I’ll be there due to the Web 2.0 keynote I am giving midweek in NYC and a few other unmoveable obligations.

Today is the deadline for a ‘fast track’ video pitch using disqus and summize. The winner of this gets right to the shortlist for interview day. Right now there aren’t that many submittals to this so take a shot at your best elevator pitch and go for it right now.

We are big fans of these programs. They give first time entrepreneurs much needed visibility and credibility that are hard to come by. So if you are doing a startup in europe and looking for a breakout opportunity, check out Seedcamp London. But don’t procrastinate because the deadline is approaching fast.

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