Ten Things I Want On My Mobile Phone

1) Shazam for places – I blogged about this when I was in Scotland earlier this month. I met a company at TechStars yesterday that might be able to build it. I hope they do.

2) Shazam for people – same idea. even more possibilities for this one.

3) Twitter or sms bot for Crunchbase – When I hear about a company, I want to send the name of the company via twitter or sms to crunchbase and get a link back to a the entry on it.

4) Handshake two mobile phones and share contact info – apparently coming soon to the iPhone. man we need a real app ecosystem for the blackberry.

5) Internet radio that can run in the background – internet radio is a killer app on mobile phones, but not if you can’t multitask while listening to it.

6) A bike odometer – i’ve got a bike odometer on both my road bike and mountain bike. the batteries have died and i am too lazy to replace them. i’d rather have a mobile app that i click at the start of my ride and the the end of my ride. lot’s of possibilities for this one.

7) a way to use the ringtones on my blackberry that i made for my iphone with garageband

8) a blackberry twitter client that doesn’t suck

9) brickbreaker for the iphone

10) the mobile phone e-ticket – an app that lets you check into your flight on your mobile phone (via the web) and downloads the ticket to your phone. the gate attendant scans your phone instead of the ticket.

Ok. I’m done. Now I have to go get the ticket to my flight home the old skool way.

Feel free to create any and all of these. Just let me know about them when you do. And if any of these exist already, please let me know in the comments.

Speaking of the comments, please leave anything you want on your mobile in the comments and I’ll reblog the ones I like

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