The AVC Meetup in DC

As promised, here’s a picture of the "AVC" meetup in Washington DC on wednesday night. Here are a few more pictures. It’s kind of funny to see a bunch of people gathered together because of this blog and not to be there. But as I said to Jeremy (the organizer) yesterday via email "I don’t scale, but this blog and it’s readership does".

Jeremy wrote a great blog post about the event.

Here are some stats culled from Jeremy’s post:

17 people attended

  • 33% from the VC world
  • 33% start-ups/programmers/techies.
  • 33% folks passionate about the Internet and its potential

How they read this blog

  • 75% via RSS
  • 25% via the website

How long they’ve been reading

  • About 50% had been reading since 2004 or earlier
  • The other 50% had started reading within the past year
  • Only one person who started reading Fred’s blog in 2005-06 timeframe.

Here’s some startup ideas that came out of the meetup:

And yes, that is a good elevator pitch. Sound bites make great elevator pitches.

I’d like to thank Jeremy for setting up the meetup. And if anyone else wants to do something like that, I’ll try to make it easy. Use meetup to set up the event and then let me know about it and I’ll blog about it.

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