Tumblog Integration

Some of you know that I also publish a tumblog at fredwilson.vc

This is how I describe my tumblog:

I try to post a quote, a song, and a picture every day. Some days I
actually do that. I also pull in links to some things I do on the
web to this tumblog . And I reblog the things I find on tumblr that I

I’ve been thinking about how to integrate it with this blog so that there is one web service that people can visit. I am working toward that. The first step is that you will now see a link on the upper right of this blog that says "tumblog". Click on that link and you’ll be taken to fredwilson.vc

And I’ve just turned off the service that pulls the AVC feed into fredwilson.vc. So the two services are no longer semi-redundant (it will take a few days for that to really have an effect).

I think there is a lot more I can do to integrate them, but this is the first step.

The next step would be the ability to easily (one click like flickr) reblog a tumblog post onto this blog with a link to the original post. I hope that’s somewhere on David and Marco’s feature list.

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    1. fredwilson

      We are investors in tumblr and I like to use our company’s products so that I am engaged with the products and the communities so I don’t think I’ll switch but thanks for the suggestion

    2. Nate

      I like the presentation of yongfook.com’s lifestream. It would be great to add a really well designed lifestream page to a blog’s main nav. Microblogging, photo, and music services should work harder to make it easy to republish your lifestream in useful and non-ugly ways. As it is, the widget makers are all trying to shout each other down so we end up with blog sidebars that look like grocery store detergent aisles.The bigger problem is conversation fragmentation: do you want people to comment on your blog, on Twitter, on Friendfeed, on Tumblr or what?If Web 2.0 is user generated content, then Web 2.5 is about decluttering and making sense of all the stuff we’re generating. Google did it for the web; I’m not sure who will do it for UGC. I’m a fan of Paul Buchheit, but FriendFeed seems to be adding to the problem, not solving it.

      1. fredwilson

        if i could just get the comments on FF back into this comment stream, i’d be happy. i know that FF and disqus are working on it, i just wish it would happen.

  1. falicon

    Fred this sort of reblog thing is a big part of what Charlie and I have thrown together with fubnub.com … it can be one click or it can just be scheduled to run auto-magically whenever you want. There are a lot of UI tweaks that need to be done before the system is really as user friendly as I want it to be (I’ve been focusing on the back end first)…so if you need/want any help in setting it up for your specific needs feel free to email me or ping Charlie and he can probably give you the scoop.

    1. Shripriya

      Interesting. I currently use a WP plugin to pull posts from one blog to the other. I presume I can do this with fubnub instead?

      1. falicon

        Yes – that’s the basic idea…instead of a custom plug-in for each blogging platform, it’s intended to be a generic service that can pull from any feed source (like RSS, last.fm, twitter, etc.) and dump to any other service (like any metaweblog supported blog system)…the big difference is that during the copy, a user-defined template gets applied…so you can do some custom styling (and inject some other data) at the same time that you copy a feed from one location to another…That along with the scheduled posting bit, makes it a little different than the other re-blogging things I’ve seen around (so far)…Charlie uses it on his blog ( http://www.thisisgoingtobebig.com ) to share his delicious links and his recent last.fm tracks, so that’s probably a good place to see it in action.(I personally use it to wrap up a days worth of Twitter tweets as an email that automatically gets sent to my consulting clients — so I can use twitter as an up-to-date list of what I’m working on, and fubnub to alert my clients of the details of that list once a day without making them actually follow me on twitter).

        1. Shripriya

          Yes, I’ve seen Charlie use it on his blog and wondered how he did it. Now I know.Will try it on my blog and let you know how it goes. Thanks!

          1. falicon

            Cool – if you hit any roadblocks or have any problems or questionsplease feel free to email me directly (info at falicon.com) or searcharound on the blog link on the fubnub site to find various ways/placesto contact me…

        2. fredwilson

          The custom styling is key.But the other thing I’ve learned is auto pulling a feed is very different from rebloggingI much prefer the latter

    2. fredwilson

      Thanks. I’ll give it a try

  2. Fraser

    Not really relevant to the conversation, but the post reminded me of my dislike for names like: microblogging, tumblog, etc. Isn’t it all self publishing and can’t we expand the term blogging to encapsulate all of these? I understand the desire to have a branded name stick in the lexicon, but it hurts my ears every time I read these monkey wrenched terms.

  3. Joe Conyers III

    I have been thinking about this for a few weeks as well and having not found any easy solutions I am going to try using the javascript embed (found in the tumblr goodies) then hack up some css. I have a feeling this is going to take a ton of work to get right but hopefully I can get it to look clean.Its quickly becoming very difficult to manage redundancy in all of one’s feeds, especially when trying to create a lifecast for facebook/etc. I have decided to use each service as they are originally intended and present them in aggregate with a focus on the aesthetics on my main .com blog. Once Facebook connect goes live and others continue to promote data portability I really hope this will become a thing of the past.

  4. Joe Lazarus

    Funny… I always thought it was “tumblelog”, not “tumblog”. Now I feel silly for saying it wrong. Today, I’ll tumble Twitterific or Twinkle a tweet to transcribe the tumblog / tumblelog typo to Twitter and Tumblr.Toodleloo.


    I think part of the issue was that you had the parent/child relationship wrong for your blogs. Tumblr became an aggreator which is great, but didn’t include the full meat from your main blog. Personally, I’d be happy with the reverse – where your main blog is pulling in your tumbles. That way, I get the meat and the potatoes. I think you can pull tubmlr feed in as posts using WordPress and WP-O-Matic, but I’m not sure if it is as straight forward using Typepad. Can you lazy web it for the rest of us?

  6. daryn

    Personally I like seeing the AVC posts on fredwilson.vc (and hence in my tumblr dashboard) as that has a higher value to me than my RSS reader, but I also subscribe to the AVC feed, so I won’t be missing anything :)As for reblogging your tumblr posts onto AVC, isn’t that what Zemanta is for?

  7. kenberger

    1. And ability to reblog comments back and forth seems like another future step.2. tumblog, tumblelog = today’s potato, patahto?3. Now stormy and grey against the old buildings on St Marks Place– sort of the feeling of Northern England!

  8. efliv

    Hey Fred,This reminds me of a similar syndication/aggregation issue I currently have with Tumblr. I’ve emailed Tumblr support and Marco directly with this suggestion. Perhaps hearing it from you will get the ball rolling.I’d like for Tumblr to offer a second RSS feed that contains ONLY a users posts that are not imported from other sources (i.e. direct submissions to Tumblr and reblogs only). I’d use this feed to avoid double posting when syndicating my Tumblr activity to other all-encompassing social aggregators (primarily FriendFeed and Facebook), where I already import the feeds I throw at Tumblr (my blog, twitter, and select flickr photos).Due to this double posting issue, I DO NOT syndicate my Tumblr activity anywhere, which greatly reduced the utility of Tumblr and, likewise, my inclination to use Tumblr.This is a shame. Tumblr is a great service and I really appreciate the ease with which it allows you to share a variety of content. If Tumblr gave me a “Tumblr Only” version of my RSS feed for syndication purposes, my use of the service would skyrocket.

  9. sapriactivityfine

    invites you all follow me?

  10. Ales Spetic

    Zemanta’s reblog feature solves exactly that problem. When you blog on Tumblr in text mode, you can use Zemanta suggestion service which adds the reblog button at the end of the post. The reblog is designed to allow you and your readers to easly reblog the post on any other blogging service.

    1. fredwilson

      That’s great ales but the things I want to reblog are quotes, photos, audio, links, and videoBasically everything but textIf its text, I generally blog it hereI use tumblr for the other forms of mediaFred

  11. fredwilson

    So one is coming from this feed, one is coming from tumblr (which I nuked), where’s the third?

  12. fredwilson

    So one is coming from this feed, one is coming from tumblr (which I nuked), where’s the third?