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I use Facebook a bit, but I use Twitter more. It’s surely because of our investment in Twitter. But it was like that before our investment in Twitter. It could be because the people I connect to most often are on Twitter. It could be because I don’t have to log in to Twitter every time I want to use the service. Regardless of the reasons, that’s how it is for me right now.

I do have an active social net on Facebook (317 friends all of whom I know, and there are another 719 friend requests pending) and lately I’ve been getting a fair number of emails from Facebook that look like this.

Tom commented on your status:

Yeah man, the Mets – what a killer ride – does it crash?

To see the comment thread, follow the link below:
Thanks,The Facebook Team

Tom was replying to my twitter post yesterday about the Mets. He saw it in Facebook and replied to it in Facebook. I got it in an email from Facebook.

Contrast how this works on friendfeed. If Tom had seen the Mets post on friendfeed, his interaction would look like this:


He could have replied directly in friendfeed and had it also posted to twitter, where I could see it along with all of my other replies.

When I visit the status update page on Facebook these days, it’s filled with twitter updates. Here’s what mine looks like this morning.


Four of my first six status updates in Facebook come from Twitter and 30 of the 50 status updates on the page come from Twitter. It’s no wonder that my kids, who use Facebook exclusively and have never even tried twitter, call status updating "twittering".

So I think it would be great if Facebook copied friendfeed’s implementation of replying back to a twitter post via Facebook. That would help me out a lot.

Of course, they could take this even farther if they integrated completely with twitter by letting me reply back to Tom via twitter into his Facebook feed.

Some people will want to twitter on twitter, some will want to do it on Facebook, some will want to do it on friendfeed. What we need to do is make sure all these services talk to each other so we, the users, can talk to each other.

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