If I Was A Marketing Person, I'd Love To Have This Job

I know that AVC is risking turning into a job board for Etsy. Just a few weeks ago, I posted about the VP Product job. Thanks to everyone who responded to that posting. We now have a bunch of great options for that position.

We are also looking for a VP of Marketing for Etsy. And if you think about the brand that Etsy has built over the past three years, you’ll know that this is a terrific opportunity for the right person. Etsy stands for so many wonderful things and it’s a brand that has enormous potential in the hands of the right person.

If you think you are that person, please click thru to this link and learn more about the position and put your hat in the ring.

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Comments (Archived):

  1. Grammarass

    Unless you believe in reincarnation, I think you meant “Were”

  2. Andrew

    why not add a portfolio job board on this site?

    1. andyswan

      I like the idea of a job board but I also like that the jobs are posted in the blog. It gives us a feel for what the portfolio companies are up to and where their focus is at. It also helps a lot of startup guys see more into the steps and activities of a successful, funded startup.Long-winded way of saying “both” 🙂 sorry

    2. fredwilson

      My experience is that people don’t pay much attention to what’s in thesidebars and its better to pluck the most important ones and just put themright into the feed

  3. roykeely

    labor is local, capital is global – etsy has great potential.

  4. Karen E

    This is my dream job, fer sure! Love arts, crafts of all types, have a huge crush on the people who make them, have a background in textile design, have worked in design marketing for 5 years. Need a little more experience supervising teams, but that’s ok because I’m not in Brooklyn. And Husband rolled his eyes BIG time when we read this together, saying I’d spend all my money at Etsy!