Leave Wall Street, Join A Startup

Our good friends at First Round Capital are always thinking. A couple years ago, they hacked the web 2.0 conference. Now they are cleverly taking advantage of the misery on wall street to find talent for their startup companies in NYC. They’ve launched a website called Leave Wall Street, Join A Startup where they list all the jobs that their portfolio companies in NYC are trying to fill.

Though we at Union Square Ventures were not that clever, we too have been trying to hire from Wall Street in the past month. In particular, we are looking for "quant jocks", people who have degrees in economics and/or advanced math who know how to code algorithms. These kinds of people have been very valuable on wall street in areas like program trading and risk management. But they are also incredibly valuable in areas like advertising optimization, search optimization, social media optimization, semantic analysis, auto tagging, etc, etc. We need such people in almost every single one of our companies, no matter where they are located.

We also have plenty of other jobs in our portfolio and here’s a search results page on Indeed that lists them. At the bottom of that page, you can enter your email address and get alerted via email anytime one of our portfolio companies lists a job.

First Round says on their "leave wall sreet" website:

With Bear Stearns laying off over 7,000 employees, Lehman Brothers rumored to layoff over 20,000 employees, and Merrill Lynch expected to layoff thousands after their sale to Bank of America, we’re on track to see over 150,000 people lose their jobs this year.

That’s terrible news for the people involved and the NYC economy. There is no way that the tech startup sector in NYC is going to fill all of those jobs. But we can fill some of them and we will. So if you are leaving wall street (forced or otherwise), please consider joining a startup. The pay probably isn’t as good, but the equity can be valuable, and I promise that the work environment is more enjoyable and that our companies don’t operate at 30x leverage.

If you are interested in a quant jock position in our portfolio and have the skills and experience to do it well, send me an email using the contact link on the upper right of this blog.

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