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  1. Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry

    Saw your updates on Facebook, tumblrizing this now…

  2. Kyle S

    I heard a rumor in the runup to the obama vp announcement that bloomberg was going to be named his vp. Of course, that made too much sense to happen. Bloomberg is the consummate executive, someone who wants to make the right decision no matter whose idea it originally was. American politics needs more like him.

  3. Yb927

    Agree completely about your comment that it would be great if someone like Mike Bloomberg was running the country, Like you, watching and listening to Bloomberg today on MTP I was amazed and impressed by the succinctness and clarity of his thinking and his ability to communicate without hype. In just a few minutes he summed up not only the root of the problems that we are now facing but also the list of issues that need to be attended to in the coming years if this country has a chance of continuing to be a world leader not a declining empire. No overwrought subtext, no cult of personality and celebrity culture, no need for soundbites, no need for long speeches devoid of real content full of hyperbole and masked fanaticism – just clear, experienced, measured, rational humanistic thinking. Listening to him, boy, I agree with you, I was thinking exactly that….would it that HE would have run for president or at least that one of the two candidates would have picked HIM for VP. Alas…

    1. fredwilson

      i don’t think he’d make a very good VP. he’s really a great boss/executive/leader but i think he’d hate the VP job.the two party system, which he clearly rejects, and his personal story (white, jewish, short, super rich, ny’er, etc) are big issues that make it very hard for him to become president and are both things we need to change in our country.

      1. MikeInAZ

        God, I wish we could get Bloomberg somehow into the Whitehouse. He’s probably the only guy I think that could execute all the needed fixes in our country. The guy is just so competent. Hopefully he has Obama’s ear.

        1. fredwilson

          Well he made a point to say ³when I talked to Barack Obama last week² onmeet the pressThat was telling

  4. erin

    one thing bloomberg said that is very true: that many of the Wall Street management did not and does not know what it even has on the books in terms of risk. 10 years ago, when on a trading floor i saw the types of trades put on where fannie was the counterparty. the problem is that many of the structured notes that are out there have what is called “model risk” — meaning that UNLIKE black/scholes, there is NO agreement on how to value the asset. Often, or at least 10 years ago, the same folks structuring the trades were also the ones developing the valuation models.i challenge the media to start interviewing traders and back office people. this problem (house of cards) has been building for years and likely is NO surprise to many, like me. yes, the greater public may just now be becoming educated on what was going on, but the trading floor people have known for years. bloomberg hinted to the disconnect.

  5. Tri

    this is not related to this post but since we are talking about the press, you guys are featured on the NY Times and Techmemehttp://www.nytimes.com/2008…

  6. thomasl824

    Bloomberg’s points about non-partisan action on energy, WS and the general economy were staright talk from a business guy. Can that type of expertise ever get past the political gatekeepers in DC? Now, with the mess of the economy and the election is our best shot. I can’t believe that this election is so close at this stage.