Polisigh - Political Humor On Twitter

druce; from twitter and Fred Wilson (at my humble suggestion): @polisigh – the political humorbot – the future of the free world depends on us

Druce came up with the idea, a twitter follower picked the name, and whitney turned on the bot. If you enjoy good political humor, then start following polisigh on twitter.

And if you have good political jokes to share just follow polisigh and then post the jokes on twitter as follows:

@polisigh Juneau: a comedy about a Presidential election – and the bumps along the way

The joke will then be sent to all the people who follow polisigh

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Comments (Archived):

  1. Hayk

    Fred!Good idea!Being a big fan of the Onion news, I wonder if you are going to have similar appraoch.Cheers,Hayk

    1. fredwilson

      This is a group bot. It will reflect the combined sense of humor of whomever participates

    2. Druce

      in 140 characters or less, more like a pearl cocktail onion

  2. Druce

    Fred, Whitney, Scott, you rock! let’s see the funny!

  3. Druce

    both sides are never equally comical… but just join in and whack at the less satirically exposed… as long as it’s funny!

  4. fredwilson

    It’s partially your job to keep it balanced. This is a peer produced political comdedy channel. So please post and follow

  5. Druce

    you got it – go crazy!

  6. fredwilson