September 11th

I am leaving the political conversation for now. If people want to continue to talk about my post this morning, they can have a go at it in the comments, but I’ve spent all my energy I can today on that.

It is worth noting that today is September 11th.  I’ve tried to write on this blog about that day on its anniversary every year. It gets harder and harder to do that as the memories fade and time passes.

But my friend Tom Watson has penned a good post about that day and the aftermath and I thought I’d share some of his words with you all today along with the obligatory link.

Many bloggers were born in those long hours. You could feel the
biological need to self-expression, and the parallel desire for more
information than the traditional media could provide. You could almost
feel the old web creaking, the html bending. I am absolutely convinced
that some of the energy and drive to create our socially-empowered web
was provided by those horrible events on a gorgeous September morning.

This blog wasn’t born on September 11, 2001, that happened a few years later. But it was very much inspired by those, like my friend Jeff Jarvis, who did turn to the web to find meaning in that terrible experience. And so I agree with Tom that we will look back at 9/11 in the years to come and we will see things that came of it that we now view as an important part of our every day life. At least I do.