Dave McClure runs a very cool conference called Startonomics. It’s unlike anything else I’ve ever seen done in the conference business.

Startonomics is all about instrumenting your startup business and using measurable metrics to determine how you are doing. It’s about using numbers to improve your marketing, your product, and your business.

It’s happening this Thursday, Oct 2nd, in San Francisco. I’d encourage anyone who is based in the bay area and doing a startup to attend. It’s affordable (students for $195, entrepreneurs for $295). Register here.

Dave has graciously offered 2 free passes to AVC community members. I’ll give one each to the two best comments with a quick (twitter size) comment about how you use startonomics to run your business. Comments have to be in by 5pm eastern today.

For those readers who are in NYC and wish they could attend one of these, Dave has promised us he’s going to try real hard to do one here next year. I can’t wait.

UPDATE: Chachra and Khawk are the two winners. It wasn’t easy but I liked the brevity with which each of them outlined their approach to startonomics. Chachra said "Use startonomics to build what people need, measure what they want and
and deliver what they don’t know they need! Iterate & $profit :)".  I love iterate and profit. It’s right on. And Khawk introduced a new c-level position, the CBO – Chief Burnrate Officer. Very nice!  I also think both of them are in SF (a guess) and hope they’ll actually use the free passes. Thanks again to Dave for providing them.