The Story Of The NY Times Story

The NY Times business section has a short profile of our firm, Union Square Ventures, calling us "A New Kind Of Venture Capital Firm." I thought you all might be interested in how this came about.

A couple weeks ago, the reporter, Claire Cain Miller, sent us an email saying she’d recently joined the Times (from Forbes) and had the VC/startup beat and that she was in NYC for a while before heading to the west coast. She wanted to come by and meet us. We thought that was a good idea and invited her in.

By the time we had gotten around to finding a time, Claire had decided a "profile" of our firm would be interesting. That made me and Brad a bit nervous. The last thing we needed was a puff piece saying we were the best VC out there or something. I’ve had that story written before and when it turned out not to be true, I’ve had it rubbed in my face.

So we talked to Claire and emphasized that we wanted to talk about how we do our work rather than our place in the VC pecking order. She agreed. We invited her to attend our monday meeting (everything we said was off the record) and she spent an hour or more one on one with each of the three of us (me, Brad, and Albert). She apparently talked to Rob Kalin who gives me more credit for Etsy’s tagline than I deserve. And I saw Claire at the web 2.0 conference where I delivered a keynote last week.

I like the result very much. I think she got what we are trying to do and it’s clearly very complimentary. Since there doesn’t appear to be a comment thread on the NYT article, please feel free to tell us what you thought here.

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