GaryVee, a tortured Jets fan just like me, said yesterday that Britney should be sending and receiving her own tweets if she’s going to be on twitter. My favorite quote from Gary’s video is "when it’s your team [posting], it’s just a press release" the video below plays right at that quote so go ahead and hit play and see Gary say it himself.

I am not a Britney fan but I do follow some well known musicians on Twitter, including Ben Kweller and Dave Matthews. Ben and Dave do it right, they post themselves. Ben posts occasionally and Dave posts all the time (so much that I am thinking of taking him off my sms feed). And the difference between seeing press releases on twitter and the actual ramblings of someone you are a fan of is everything.

Authenticity is hard, but it’s critically important in the world of social media and "digital branding". GaryVee gave a talk about building your personal brand at Web 2.0 in NYC, the same day I gave my talk. His talk was awesome and is worth watching so here it is.

I didn’t start this post out intending to show you two GaryVee videos, but he’s the axe on this subject so it makes sense. In both videos, Gary talks about answering his own emails. I do that too. It kills me and I can never get to all my emails and it’s a personal struggle for me. But I cannot imagine someone else answering an email sent to me. So it’s not happening. You’ll either hear from me or you wont’ hear back at at all.

Friday night we went to see Ben Kweller at Bowery Ballroom, my favorite venue in NYC. We walked up the back stairs after the show and into the post show hangout room and nobody was stopping us. Ben was there shaking hands and talking with everyone who stopped by. At one point his little boy Dorian walked up to him and said "daddy I want to play drums". So Ben picked him up, told everyone to follow them back down to the stage so Dorian could play the drums while he chatted with us. Turns out the drum kit had been taken down so Dorian got to play the keyboards instead. That was an authentic moment. So is this latest tweet from Ben about what he did after playing the Bowery gig.

As more celebs show up on twitter, it’s going to be interesting to see what they do. Britney already has 2,600 follwers. That number will be 10,000 before long. And of course she cannot @reply to every one of them who replies to her. But she can and should send her own tweets. And maybe @reply to one every now and then. If she doesn’t do that, Gary’s right, she’s wasting her time with twitter and social media in general.

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