Donors Choose Bloggers Challenge Is Back!

Last October this community here at AVC raised almost $20,000 for classroom projects in needy schools around the country. We fully funded 43 separate projects and partially funded another 7. Almost 100 different readers participated. We won the technology category of the blogger’s challenge, beating out TechCrunch, Engadget, All Things D, and many others.

So it’s time to defend that victory. I have a feeling the competition is going to be tougher this year. Scoble and Julia Allison have joined the fray according to Fortune. But I am up for the challenge if you are.

I’ve kicked things off by giving $200 to this great project in Greensboro, NC where we are going to buy a music class 30 Xilopipes. But please do not give directly on that page.

The way we win this is by doing all of our giving via the AVC giving page. I will add some more projects to the giving page and if you have projects you’d like to see on the giving page, send me the links to them and I’ll add them. I am emphasizing technology and music learning projects on the giving page but I am happy to feature other great projects for all of us to give to.

IMPORTANT: Donor’s Choose, which runs this whole thing, is a great organization. When you give to a classroom project via Donor’s Choose, you are not giving your money to anyone. Donor’s Choose actually purchases the items the classroom needs and sends it right to the teacher. So those Xilophones will get bought by Donor’s Choose and sent to the classroom in Greensboro, NC. There’s a ton of technology automation involved. This is a "fraud free" way to give to needy classrooms and I love that.

I am going to add another widget to this blog for the month of October, it will look like this, but it will be a skyscraper instead of a rectangle.


So every time you visit this blog, you’ll see the Donor’s Choose widget and hopefully will be inspired to give some more.

That’s the story. It’s up to all of us now to defend the technology blog title and maybe we can even make a run at Sarah Bunting/Tomato Nation which raised over $100,000 last year. Now that’s amazing.

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