Donor's Choose Conversion Rate

Over the past week (eight plus days actually), I’ve been promoting this Donors Choose Giving Page on this blog and twitter. During that period, 26 people have given a total of $6055. We are basically on a path to raise about as much as last year when almost 100 people donated about $20,000 through the AVC giving page.

Given how much I’ve been promoting this contest, I started wondering how well my marketing efforts are converting.

I use links for all my twitter posts so I can track them. The donors choose giving page has generated 422 clicks this month to date as follows:


So the posts I did on twitter using generated a total of 422 clicks to the giving page.

I use mybloglog to track the outbound links on this blog and they tell me that there has been 145 clicks to donor’s choose from this blog since Oct 1st.


So the posts I’ve written promoting the AVC Donors Choose Giving Page have produce a total of 567 clicks so far this month. And we’ve collectively made a total of 26 donations (I’ve made one and will certainly make more).

That’s a 4.58% conversion rate. I think that’s pretty good but I am not positive. I hope the e-commerce experts out there will know and weigh in via the comments and let us all know.

It would be really neat if I could put a tracking code on the Donors Choose Giving Page and share that tag with and mybloglog and find out which channel converts better. My gut says this blog should convert better but I really have no data to proove that.

The big point is blogs and microblogs are good vehicles to drive e-commerce. We need better ways to track thesse channels.

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