Donors Choose Is My Tip Jar

Last night I asked this community to join me in funding a $1,289 LCD for a needy classroom in Los Angeles. This morning I wake up and find the whole thing is funded. Wow. Thanks to everyone who contributed. If you want to fund another needy classroom project, go here and pick one.

I’ve always been a fan of the idea of a tip jar to pay people for the work they do voluntarily (blogs, photos, videos, etc). But I don’t need tips and if I took them, they’d just go to Donors Choose, Grameen, or some other important organization changing the face of charitable giving and philanthropy. That’s what I do with the ad revenue from this blog.

I am going to think some about incorporating tipjoy into this blog. I’d like to do it on a post by post level and I am not sure tipjoy can do that automatically. And I am also not sure I can direct all the money to charity automatically. But if I can work out those kinks, look for this kind of thing on my blog posts going forward.

#VC & Technology