Donor's Choose: Let's Try To Beat Last Year

It’s the 22nd of October and you are all probably tired of me talking about Donor’s Choose Bloggers Challenge all month long. You’ve all been very generous once again and we’ve raised $12,631 from 50 different donors so far this month. Thank You.

But last year we raised $18,538 from 92 donors. We need another $6,000 from another 42 donors to get there. And we only have another 10 days (including today) to do it. I think we can do it if we can be as generous for the next ten days as we’ve been so far this month, but it’s going to take some more giving to get there.

And, by the way, TechCrunch is ahead of us again. They are doing it with a lot less donors, but they are in front again and we really can’t let it stay that way.

#VC & Technology