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Thanks to all of your suggestions, I’ve added the Google translate widget to this blog.


The widget is on the right sidebar underneath the Donors Choose badge. There’s a weird conflict between google translate and google maps which generates an error message, but just ignore it and get your translated blog.

The comments are not translated yet, but I’ve suggested to Disqus that they might want to figure out how to integrate Google’s translation service. We’ll see if they do.

Let me know what you think.

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Comments (Archived):

  1. stu

    Anybody know of any non-English blogs using this widget? I’d like to see how useful this widget is / isn’t.

    1. vincentvw

      You can just use the bookmarklets provided by….A few blogs to test: for English for GermanResults may vary, but it at least makes most things understandable.

  2. Nate

    Commenters talking to each other through a translation engine = Comedy GOLD.

  3. piontekdd

    If only Google would have added “Pirate” to their drop-down!!!!

  4. Jamie Lin

    A VC becomes “Ah! Risk” when translated into Chinese automatically! A very interesting blog title!

  5. monsur

    The Google alert is due to the fact that the Maps API expects to be running under your domain, but the translate page is running your site from a different domain. If you wanted to fix it, you could add a simple javascript check in order to hide the map when the domain does not match I pulled together a proof-of-concept here:Original page:…Translated page:

    1. fredwilson


      1. breosha


    2. Nate

      Thanks Monsur, that did the trick. Google caches translated pages so it might be a while before previously translated pages show the fix.

  6. Alexandros

    The subtitle translated to Greek:”Συλλογισμοί των Βιετκόγκ στο NYC”translated back:Thoughts of the Vietkong in the NYC….

    1. fredwilson

      I love it. I am a vietcong to google

  7. S.t

    coming soon to your fav blogsPRESS 1 for ENGLISH

  8. Mike Montano

    Nice! I’d like to see it in the comments as well. Twitter search uses the same API in a very clean and unobtrusive way.By the way I’m getting an alert when I translate saying that the key being used is not for your domain — not sure if anyone else is seeing the same thing.

    1. Mike Montano

      Oops I somehow missed that another commenter pointed it out already 🙂

  9. shafqat

    I’m impressed at the improvement in quality that Google has managed with their translate tool. A couple years ago, it was mediocre at best. Today, the french translation of your site seems pretty natural and makes it difficult to tell that it’s a machine translated page.Given the quality is high, there are a lot of interesting applications – Disqus integration is one, but I can think of a few other exciting ones.

  10. Harsh Agrawal

    nice….this will help reader from the other countries..too..!!!gr8 work man..!!!

  11. marshal sandler

    This is a good idea it will assist many of us who read “The World Is Flat ! I have friends from other countries who live here and their relatives would benefit from this widget ! At one time Spoke Spanish but got rusty ! I listen to a lot of Latin Music [npr] ! It would be nice to be able to translate music reviews from the Americas’s ! In time Puede Ser !