Great Presentation From Saul Klein

Thoughts on European Start Ups

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Thanks to Andy at Betaworks for showcasing it on their blog.

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  1. Nicolas

    What a brilliant way to do a presentation, just a few snippets of text on very strong images! I see Index Ventures also uses a wide flash app on their homepage, with almost no text.I remember the times when Oracle switched its entire website to text only and was mentioned as the example to follow. It seems that the web is now entering a new era, all about *visual* communication. Amazing to see a “serious” business presentation done as just a series of photos!

  2. sharo

    Can we all agree that SlideShare is not such a great idea after all so we can happily move back to the old-fashioned PDF files?

  3. Geoff

    Awesome presentation it must have been excellent to hear Saul giving it – I heard him speak in Cambridge, UK once. Great speaker!

  4. Hayk

    A nice presentation, but i thought the imagery part was sometimes more distracting than helping to visualize!A wealth of data, especially the supplements were quite informative (did not know Germany was num1 European Internet country – contrary to most Internet-ized Scandinavs like Sweden)!

  5. shafqat

    Loved it. He kept it very simple because at the end of the day, over-examining and over-analyzing is not going to do anyone any good. Just focus on product, cut costs and be smart and you’ll get over it. With such a simple message, no need for a fancy presentation. Brilliant.

  6. Guest

    The slide that says “Angels will retreat”, I don’t know… Right now at this moment, yes. But look six months down the road. You are a hgh NW individual and you want your money to work for you. Do you give them to “these idiots” that Andrew Lhade talks about, or do you put them in some real-life companies. When having money in the bank is not perceived “risk-free” anymore, why not invest in a stratup?

  7. David Noël

    That was a great presentation. Saw him hold it last week at Web 2.0 Exo in Berlin.

  8. LivePaola

    I like both the message and the delivery – simple, creative, engaging.