New Business Models For News Summit

I don’t love conferences but I do love getting together with other people and talking about and working on issues. That’s what we do with our firm’s sessions events and that’s what I am going to spend today doing

The New Business Models For News Summit is happening in NYC today and I will participate in it all day long

The event was planned by a small group including our friend Jeff Jarvis. In his email to the people attending, Jeff wrote:

It is your role to get the discussion past the complaints, worries, blame, arguments, fights, and depression we’ve heard already and push the groups toward specific forward motion.

I like that role and am happy to play it

If you think about it, a lot of the investments I am personally involved in like, disqus, zemanta, twitter, and others are playing in this "future of news" sector and I have lots of ideas about how we can remake, reshape, and revitalize the news business.

I will microblog the event on my twitter page and please check it out during the day if this is a topic of interest to you. And there’s a hashtag for twitter, #newsbiz, that you can follow and a live stream here that kicks off at ~9am eastern.

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