Time For The Sprint To The Finish

The Donor’s Choose Blogger’s Challenge ends today. The AVC community is in first place in the tech category with about $16,000 donated, ahead of TechCrunch by about $3300 as of 7am eastern. So we are rounding the last turn with a nice lead. It’s time to sprint for the finish. I am going to kick off the sprint with my final donation, another $200 (that makes $800 total for me). I have thoroughly enjoyed doing this again and I sure hope we win this thing. This morning I got an email from a reporter asking why I do the Donor’s Choose Bloggers Challenge. This is what I wrote back:

I did the Donors Choose Bloggers Challenge last year because Charles asked me to and it seemed like a good cause. As I got into it, I realized that it was way more than a good cause. It’s the future of philanthropy. We (our firm Union Square Ventures) did a “sessions event” last year called Hacking Philanthropy in which we discussed how to use the internet and marketplace models like Donors Choose and Kiva and others to radically reshape the world of doing good. Since then, I have been committed to doing everything I can do (within reason) to put the “rubber chicken circuit” out of business. What Obama has shown, and Dean before him, is that the Internet is the most powerful fundraising tool ever invented and we have to harness it to do more and do better. Donor’s Choose is showing the way and I’ve been incredibly inspired by them.

This year’s Blogger’s Challenge has been fun for me because the competition in the tech category (I can’t compete with Sarah at Tomato Nation so I don’t even try) has gotten stiffer with super popular blogs like TechCrunch and O’Reilly in the mix. And Kara Swisher’s AllThingsD has also been stiffer competition this year. But I think the AVC community is going to come out on top again because it’s a real community, not a publication. The people who come here care about the same stuff I care about and spend the effort to comment, discuss, and meet others. And we have taken on Donor’s Choose as a virtual “tip jar” and the results speak for themselves. As of this morning, we are at $16,000 from 68 different donors.  I am hoping we can raise another $2000 today and at least raise as much as we raised last year.

So please join me in the final sprint to the finish line and make a donation here. Thanks. I really appreciate it and I can assure you that the teachers and the kids do too.

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