We Are Getting Killed In The Donor's Choose Challenge

Last year this community won the Donors Choose Bloggers Challenge with almost 100 donors in this community who collectively gave almost $20,000. Right now, thirty-three of us have given about $7400, which at current course and speed will mean we’ll raise less than $15,000 from around 60 donors.

Meanwhile TechCrunch and AllThingsD have stepped it up. Here’s the leaderboard as of this morning:



And to make matters worse, Kara Swisher has taken to taunting. If Arrington joins in, then I am going to get upset!

I realize that with the market melting down everyone is feeling less generous and please don’t take this as admonishment. It’s just that I think this community here at AVC can be the most generous in the tech sector, like we were last year, and I’d like to see us step up and do that. I will do my part by making another donation today (but I am not going to personally donate our way back into first place, we have to do it together). If you feel like joining me in doing that today, click here and make a donation. Thanks!

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Comments (Archived):

  1. shafqat

    OK, losing to TechCrunch and Kara is unacceptable! C’mon guys – step up.My cofounder will probably kill me, but NewsCred is willing to match whatever the next 5 donors put in (up to a cap just so I don’t have to shut down our servers). I’ll keep an eye out and make a second donation later today.That should get us close to Ms. Swisher.

    1. shafqat

      OK, Fred’s back in the lead! Someone just made a monster donation. We’ll still follow through and put it a second one on behalf of NewsCred.

      1. fredwilson

        Wow, wow, wow

  2. Dan T

    Thanks for the reminder Fred. Every little bit helps. I just added mine. For those that have not participated: even if you can only partially fund a project for a $100, this is a really unique way of giving and a great experience. I funded a project earlier this year and received a dozen hand written thank you notes and photo’s from the students working on their project that I funded. Very cool!

  3. RacerRick

    Fred is an individual… the other two are corporations. Totally unfair.

  4. Michael Lewkowitz

    Tried stepping in yesterday but alas – us Canucks seem to be excluded. Go donors go!