Ad Supported Movies - Back To The Future

When I was a kid we used to watch movies on TV and they’d have commercial breaks in them. That was when we’d run to the kitchen for a drink, head to the bathroom, or just chill out for a minute or two. I have fond memories of watching movies that way.

That’s what we did this weekend in our home. We’ve got Hulu hooked up to our big screen TV two ways, via the browser on our mac mini and via boxee, also running on our mac mini (but you can also run Boxee on Apple TV).

On saturday afternoon my oldest daughter was scrolling through the films in Hulu and found a Gus Van Sant film called Finding Forrester. So we decided to watch it. There were four or five commercial breaks during the film, we broke once so I could pick up my son at his basketball practice, and we were able to watch the whole thing before we all went out on Sat evening. We never once had a buffering issue and although it was not HD, it looked way better than standard TV on the big screen.

Yesterday evening, Josh and I were alone and we decided to watch Finding Forrester again. No problem, we went to the mac mini, loaded up Hulu via Boxee, and watched it again.

This is the future of the movie business I think. Sure, we’ll still go to the theater with friends and family for a night out. But when the entire library of films is available for streaming on demand via the Internet, that’s how we’ll choose to watch them. And the commercial interruptions? No problem, like it was when I was 10, it’s the perfect time to run to the bathroom or get a glass of water and a twizzler.

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