Boxee on AppleTV 2.3

Those of you who are using Boxee on Apple TV know that the new AppleTV firmware (v2.3) broke Boxee. That’s been fixed and the details on are on the Boxee blog.

Also, I’ve been inundated with requests for Boxee invites and I’ve been sending them as fast as I can. We are going to set up a special page on Boxee to get invites from me and that should make things easier. I’ll post the details as soon as we have that invite page working.

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Comments (Archived):

  1. trush

    I fired up Boxee on an EEE Box PC (attaches to the back of LCD scree) running Ubuntu. Really great experience.

    1. fredwilson

      AwesomeI first ran it on ubuntu as well

  2. twillerer

    I know you are setting up a special page, in which case I can wait, but in the off chance you can send me an invite, that would be great. thanks.

  3. Dan Kantor

    I’d love an invite as well.

  4. howardr

    Can I get an invite too? I have been on the waiting list from Boxee’s homepage for a couple of weeks not but have heard back. Thanks.

  5. Ori

    Would love to receive an invite too.

  6. Sarb

    Boxee sounds like the ideal software … just hook up an apple tv to a projector and load boxee on it and you are set.I’d really appreciate an invite so I can test out the above setup.Thanks,Sarb

    1. steve cheney

      I’d love to get an invite as well if that’s possible – thx!great blog –

  7. Cory Levy

    Two days ago, you gave away over 250 invites. I’m curious to hear what the number is today. How many readers of this blog have asked for a Boxee invite? Thanks.

    1. fredwilson

      Maybe 400

  8. Chipotle

    Thanks again for the invite.A little feedback. With the help of the Boxee forums I hacked my AppleTV this weekend. It was quite easy (I kept the ATV in 2.2). After playing with it for a bit I’d say it’s not the future of TV (yet) but you can certainly see it from there. While browsing content on Boxee it got to thinking about my video consumption.The cable TV model now seems dated. I simply don’t want 99% of the content that I pay for. So, I’m going to cut my cable package to the minimum and get most of my content a la carte from Netflix, Hulu, iTunes, etc.If Boxee can become the platform that organizes, coordinates, and suggests content from the new world of countless sources you’ve got yourself a business.

    1. fredwilson

      Agreed on all frontsWhat are the biggest drawbacks that need to get addressed?

      1. Chipotle

        For me, the killer app would be Netflix integration. Netflix has content and is expanding its methods of distribution. To have access to Netflix on my TV would be awesome.My quibbles with Boxee are 1) I use it with AppleTV and navigation with the Apple remote is a pain. (I should have gone the Mac Mini route). And 2) the social networking components of Boxee don’t seem very intuitive. I sure haven’t figured it out. Actually, I’d like to do the social networking piece of the experience on the web on my computer rather than on my TV (navigation and input with the Apple remote is drudgery).I’ll continue to play with it and send my feedback.

        1. fredwilson

          They are releasing new builds every couple weeksAll of this feedback is consistent with what they’ve heard and I think you’ll see a lot of this addressed in short orderThanks so much for the feedbackIt’s really valuable

  9. Kelly

    I’m ready to cut the cable cord and this looks sweet. Pls pass on an invite!Mille grazie

  10. pstehlik

    would be great to have one of these invite codes for the time around thanksgiving – where one could probably find some hours to do hobby-tech instead of pure hobby-work-tech

  11. zzyx

    Please invite me when at all possible. Thanks in advance and have a happy Thanksgiving Holiday!

  12. Jon Michael Miles

    I am going to cut off cable, cept for the inter-tubes, buy an Apple TV and let you know how it goes.

    1. Chipotle

      I can’t cut off cable completely. A large part of my video consumption is sports in HD. Cable TV rocks this segment.

      1. fredwilson

        I totally agree about live sports in HDBut you can get that over the air shortly in higher quality than cable delivers

        1. Chipotle

          True in most places. However, in San Diego the Padres local TV rights are held by Cox Cable. Not that it matters much as the outlook for the Pads is much like the economy. Do you think the Mets want to overpay for Peavy?

          1. fredwilson

            Yes, Peavy would look great in a Met uniform

    2. fredwilson

      Do you need an invite?

  13. LGBlueSky

    Fred, i would love an invite as well if you have any left. Thanks.

    1. fredwilson

      Go here and enter your email address you’ll get an invite in the next 24 hours

      1. LGBlueSky

        thanks for the great service ! can’t wait to check it out. Leslie

        1. fredwilson

          Are you looking for an invite?

          1. LGBlueSky

            got it, but being a non-techy, with the download of the USB creator, this looks like i will certainly crash my appletv, home network and then my husband will want a divorce! i will check it out on the mac book first. thank you for the invite.