Boxee Survey Results

I’ve given out over 250 invites to Boxee in the past few days. I will keep giving them out as long as there is demand. Please leave a comment to this post and one will be on its way.

Boxee, which is now a Union Square Ventures portfolio company, surveyed its users this past week and got over 1100 completed surveys in less than 12 hours. They wanted to know what content people wanted most in Boxee. The results are quite interesting;

Televison Channels:

Subscription Movies:

Video Services:

Live Video:

Streaming Audio:

Photo Sharing:

Keep in mind that Boxee already supports CBS, Hulu, YouTube,, Flickr, Picasa and a number of other web services.

Pretty interesting data. Thanks for sharing it Avner.

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Comments (Archived):

  1. mlstotts

    content aggregation – worth a try i suppose

    1. fredwilson

      It’s a bit more than aggregation, although that is certainly one of the mainbenefitsI see it as a platform to build on via extensions

  2. jedc

    Would love an invite, please!

  3. Drake Pruitt

    Fred, I love your blog, your .fm, and I am really excited about boxee. Can you nudge me into the queue for an invite? Thanks,Drake

  4. Dave

    Fred, I took the survey. I found the survey kind of bogus. It had an response that was “don’t care” for a specific question, yet when you selected that and submitted the survey it came back are required that you selected another response. Don’t care wasn’t really a valid response.So there are a lot of responses that just chose some random answer to the question. In my case I didn’t know what a specific service was and in the case where I didn’t know I wanted to answer don’t care but couldn’t.

    1. avneron

      there was a bug in the form… i put in the “don’t care” option after i posted the survey. the first user to take it (my wife) said she really needs this option (since she didn’t know some of the services)… but i guess changing the form while users were entering data was not a great idea…

  5. Morten Josefsen

    Would love an invite. Thx for a great blog!

  6. jdcashwell

    hey fred, i would love an invite. thanks! jdcashwell at gmail dot com

  7. Stephane

    Interesting content partnership si farWould enjoy testing the bΓͺta could you put me on for an invite pleaseThanks

  8. jim

    I’d appreciate an invite. Thanks.- Jim

  9. Yihong Ding

    I would like to get an invitation too. It seems really cool.Yihong

  10. Darren Herman

    Fred, would love an invite. Thanks! darren

  11. Helen

    Love trying new things! Thank you for the invite, Helen

  12. Scott

    If you still have invites for Boxer, Id love to try it out. We’ve had a Mac mini hooked up to our livingroom LCD for a couple of years now. The offeringsfrom Apple have been a bit limited. We’d love to give Boxee a try.

  13. tedlouie

    Boxee invite, please?

  14. Matt

    I’d love an invite to try it on my appletv. I’m most interested in hulu and comedy central, which I know boxee already supports. Thanks.

  15. Emile Petrone

    Invite s’il vous plait

  16. Christopher Andersson

    Hey Fred — Please send a boxee invite my way.

  17. John Lilly

    i’m interested in a boxee invite — everyone i know who’s using it loves itthanks!

  18. Eric

    Would love an invite as well. Thanks

  19. Hicham

    I would greatly appreciate an invite! Thanks in advance.

  20. Jonathan

    I found it interesting (and surprising!) that .Mac was popular, but I guess after Flickr, Facebook etc. there aren’t *many* other places to go.Once the BBC release an API for their iPlayer and start allowing 3rd party apps, integration of their services will be key in breaking the UK market, a for many people at the moment, online television IS the iPlayer.Would love an invite if you can please Fred – sounds like a great service, looking forward to trying it out. Many thanks πŸ™‚

    1. tim

      I doubt it. BBC actively blocks users from other countries from content on their website and iPlayer. And i doubt the international version (whenever its released) will allow quick access to new shows.(downloads BBC shows from usenet about a half hour after they air in the UK)

  21. Brock

    I’d like an invite. Thanks, Fred.

  22. Garth Walker

    Hi Fred. I’d like an invite as well. Thanks.

  23. Geoff

    Would love an invite too – boxee at πŸ™‚

  24. Bob

    One more request for an alpha invite to Boxee…

  25. rick gregory

    Fred, If invites are still available I’d love to grab one. Dropping Comcast would be feel SO good. πŸ™‚

  26. tim

    May I offer a suggestion? Have them update the website to actually reflect what boxee does. I watched the video (which doesn’t appear correctly using firefox on a mac btw) and I still don’t understand where they are going with it nor why I should abandon the other dozen media distribution services I already have in my home.In other words – what Value does it bring?

    1. fredwilson

      Its an open (meaning you can build extensions on top of it) platform foraggregating both file based and streaming media for the family room/livingroom. It currently supports video, audio, and images.

  27. jannman

    I read you blog every day – if there are any invites left, I would love one!

  28. zackmansfield

    would love an invitezmansfield at gmail dot com

  29. bdotdub

    Hi Fred, love the blog and would definitely like an invite πŸ™‚ bdotdub at gmail

  30. khawk

    Fred, could you send me an invite as well? Thanks!

  31. Matthew Warneford

    Would love an invite please Fred – I’m thinking about buying a mac mini to run it (early Christmas present!).Thanks,Matt

  32. crobison

    Fred. Could I please get an invite. Thanks.

  33. Damianov

    Love an invite please.

  34. Brooke Dixon

    Thanks Fred. Cant want to take a look.

  35. BN1019

    I would like an invite to Boxee. Thank you.

  36. Guest

    Would love an invite, please! Thanks Fred.

  37. Guest

    Hi Fred could I have an invite?Thanks,

  38. DaveGoulden

    I would love to try Boxee. Thanks.

  39. Niraj

    I would love to evaluate Boxee. Could I get an invite at ntolia at gmail? Thanks.

  40. Longhorn Dave

    It looks intriguing. Would love to give it a try.

  41. Dave Goldberg

    Hi Fred. Do you have invites for the Windows version? If so, I would love to have one.Thanks!

    1. fredwilson

      Dave Β­ the windows version is coming very shortlyI’ve invited you so you should sign in and then you’ll be able to downloadit when its’ available

  42. ecc

    i’d like an invite please.ecc4191 at hotmail dot com

  43. Keith Teare

    Would like an invite Fred.

  44. joel

    I am a long time reader, Fred. Boxee sounds interesting…. I would appreciate an invitation, please!ThanksJoe

  45. Vivek Sharma

    I’d love an invite Fred!

  46. Ryan

    Great blog! Any chance I can get an invite to Boxee?

  47. Eliel

    I would love to try Boxee, if you are still giving out invites.

  48. Austin Mills

    I’d appreciate an invite, thanks!

  49. brooksjordan

    I’d like an invitation to Boxee, thanks. (brooks at brooksjordan dot name)

  50. ekaye

    Thank Fred…I’ll give it a try…

  51. jhalickman

    Hey Fred, I use my Mini Hooked up to my tv mostly to catch up on shows with Hulu, I would love to give Boxee a try if you could hook me up with an invite.Thanks

  52. fredwilson

    oh my. i wrote this post and came back to it eight hours later and 50+ invite requests.hmmsomething tells me boxee is working in an interesting spacei’ll send the invites out tomorrow everyonethanks so much for the interest!

    1. Cory Levy

      Please add me to the invite list. Thanks!

  53. leximo

    This looks amazing. I definitely want an invite.

  54. Jamie

    Invite please

  55. Prashanth Rai

    Can you please share with me an invite. thanks

  56. Guest

    I’d like an invite.

  57. GL

    Invite please.Thx

  58. Chris

    Would appreciate an invite…tried through the site but still waiting. Thanks!

  59. r-t

    Interesting… I would have made managing local/personal media content a priorityoh well, I’m not a “Tester” yet

    1. fredwilson

      I just invited you

  60. Nik Kalyani

    May I have a boxee invite please. Thanks.

  61. proficio

    Fred, I’d love an invite…just bought a new Mac and raring to get on with it!And thanks for the blog…I’m a big fan.

  62. shehab

    would love an invite.

  63. andy

    Great stuff love the blog, would love access to Boxee, Thanks

  64. maeo

    I would like an invite. Thank you very much,

  65. Ian Sefferman

    I would love an invite as well! Thanks!

  66. Alasdair

    I’d love an invite Fred – thanks!

    1. fredwilson

      Invite sent

  67. Lee Brillhart

    Thanks for your consistently interesting blog posts. I would like a Boxee invitation please.

  68. jnguy

    I’d like an invitation if one is available. Thanks!

  69. Dan Reich

    Fred, would love invite. Thanks in advance.reich dot ny at googlemail dot com

  70. Jon Michael Miles

    As a burgeoning web tv, podcast, blog site – which we will deploy in the next month or so – I’d like to see services like Boxee be able to take our content -say from a player like Vimeo, Youtube HD, or our podcasts, find it, and make it available to a wider audience. We’d like to automate that process, a “reverse tube mogul” as it were. To that point is there a white paper or information on how to make our site Boxee friendly?

    1. fredwilson

      Boxee can pull any video blog’s content in via rss

  71. Bill Masterson

    Fred, would love an invite. Thanks.

    1. Chris Ceppi

      Boxee invite please. Thanks Fred.

  72. PRC

    Would love an invite so I can get more out of my AppleTV. Thx.

    1. fredwilson

      You’ll need to do this…But I just sent an invite

  73. fredwilson

    hey everyone – i believe i have invited everyone on this thread so far. if you didn’t get one, email me via the email link above

  74. joshuacherry

    Fred, Thanks for offering to bring us into the loop. I would love an invite. I reached an interesting point, where almost 75% of my time watching TV is now on the internet, as a result, Boxee is very intriguing.

  75. spi

    This looks interesting. I would like to give it a try.

  76. jer979

    you can count on me to test it and give your team the honest assessment

    1. fredwilson

      Did I send you an invite yet?

      1. jer979

        not yet…

        1. fredwilson

          Just sent

  77. Ted

    I know that for me as a relative media laggard, the main reason for my sorry state is all the in and out you need to work through in order to get what you want from the myriad of sources. Boxee could be huge. Looking forward to trying it. Ted

  78. Alex

    Would love an invite.

    1. fredwilson

      Just sent it to the address you are using for disqus

  79. Kyle Seaman

    Been waiting to try Boxee for awhile, would love an invite.

  80. JoshGrot

    Fred–I’d love an invite…many thanks.Hope you’re well.Best,Josh(Go Jets! 10-0 with 2 mins in the 2nd)

  81. Julian

    TV is the next innovation frontier. Would love an invite. Thanks

  82. Peter

    Fred:Txs for the invite.

  83. Kyle Seaman

    Thanks for the invite, this service is going to be big.

  84. thompsa6

    If you have any more invites you’re willing to share I’d love one. Thanks!

  85. dov joffe

    I would like to try the service – dovjoffe at gmail dot comthx!

  86. Tyler

    Would love an invite. Thanks.

  87. simondodson

    ill take one please fred .. thanks

  88. josh

    I would love an invite as well.I’ve used tivo and MS Media Center and I’m still waiting for a media player to have a decent easy to use extension model (Tivo’s SDK release should be a case study in how not to release an API btw). Here’s to hoping for boxee!

    1. Peter

      Hello -Would be interested in experimenting and would appreciate and invitation.Thank you,-p

    2. fredwilson

      I sent it to the disqus email you are using that starts with avc

  89. Adam

    Hey Fred, Would love an invite if they’re still available.. – thanks! A

  90. jujugo

    I love the idea and would really appreciate and invite. Can’t wait to try it out. Thanks.

  91. howie singer

    Fred–Please send an invite (as my request on the boxee sire is in queue)–thanksHowie

  92. Pana

    I would love an invite too please.

  93. Mark

    I’m dyeing to get Boxee up and running!!!Invite please!

  94. viktorcea

    I’d appreciate an invite. Thanks.

  95. Pmiddy

    I would love an invite to Boxee! I have been on their waiting list for over two weeks, thanks for your help.

    1. fredwilson

      Just sent to the email address that stars with boxee

  96. Jayson

    Fred – I’d love an invite – thanks!

  97. Keenan

    I’ll take one, anything to get more out of my media. Thanks

    1. reece

      Fred – Keen to use Boxee for myself! Would really appreciate an invite. Thanks.

  98. Alexander Ljung, SoundCloud

    Hey Fred, would love an invite. Hope all is well.

  99. Alex Kaminski

    Would love an invite to try it out as well. Thanks.

  100. Michael Sutton

    Fred – Keep the the great posts coming. A Boxee invite would certainly be appreciated.Thanks,Michael

  101. dcilea

    Please add me to the Boxee invite list if they are still available.

  102. gregcannon

    Would love an invite. Thanks!

  103. Simon Murtha Smith

    would love an invite!simon

  104. AnujMathur

    Would like to give boxee a try – Thanks, Anuj

    1. Greg Barton

      hey fred. would love an invite.

  105. bjubb

    would love a boxee invite

  106. Sherman Dickman

    I would love an invite. Thanks!

  107. Kevin

    I’d like to try Boxee!

  108. Ben

    Send an invite my way, please.

  109. Scott L.

    Fred,Thanks for the offer to share Boxee invites. I’d be very interested in trying if still available.Thanks, Scott

  110. kenberger

    Slingbox: I’m surprised not to see it in the survey results. I know it’s in a different category and there may be issues, but it’s a prime conduit of content for me and I’d think it would be at least asked about via this survey.

    1. fredwilson

      I sent that suggestion to boxee ken

  111. Tom

    I’ll take an invite. Already have the software installed.

  112. MJones

    Would love an invite. Thanks, Fred.

  113. josh guttman

    Fred – I’d love an invite. Thanks.

  114. Ryan Kiskis

    I’d love an invite- heard about this from a friend in the VC world, looks awesome

  115. Shaun

    If this is still open, please send along an invite

  116. Adam Oliveri

    fred – thanks for sending over an invite when you get a shot.

  117. PGuy

    The second Boxee supports Netflix (assuming I receive my invite by then) I will be walking down Prince Street to the Apple Store and buying Apple TV.

  118. Adonis

    An invite would be greatly appreciated…

  119. Paul Hayes

    A Boxee invite would be great for my Apple TV!