Can You Build A Business On Browser Extensions? (cont)

Back in July, I wrote a post about browser extensions and wondered if you can build a meaningful business by simply extending the browser. I got a ton of great comments on that post that has shaped my thinking on this issue ever since.

Now it turns out there’s a whole conference dedicated to discussing this issue. It’s called Add-on Con and it takes place on December 11th in Mountain View at the Computer History Museum.

There’s a great list of speakers including quite a few of my friends and colleagues in the venture business. And, of course, there will be execs from Google, Microsoft, and Mozilla there to talk about the future of the browser as a platform.

The cost is $150, but readers of this blog can get in for $100 with the discount code "fred".

If you are building a business on the browser, I think it’s well worth the time and minimal cost to attend.

#VC & Technology