Hard Interruption vs Soft Interruption

Earlier this week I was reading my brother’s blog and he listed his top 10 Clash songs on it. I thought, "gee it would be nice to have them as a playlist." So just for kicks I went to MySpace Music and made the playlist and put it on my MySpace profile page. I’d embed the playlist here but for the life of me, I cannot figure out how to do that.

Anyway, when you listen to Jackson’s top 10 Clash songs on MySpace (and you should absolutely do that!), you will notice that the stream stops every four songs until you go back to the myspace music player and click on an ad. That’s what I call "hard interruption" and it’s very annoying.

While nobody is fan of "interrupt marketing" as Seth Godin calls it, it’s particularly annoying if it completely interrupts your experience. I would so much rather see MySpace Music insert a 15 or 30 second spot every four songs that I can listen to without being totally interrupted. I call that "soft interruption" and it’s something that I think the internet radio industry needs to start doing more of.

We have a portfolio company called Targetspot whose business is the insertion of audio advertising into internet streams. They do this for dozens of internet radio broadcasters and they can do it for MySpace Music.

I’d urge MySpace music to think about going with the soft interruption mode. I think it’s a much better user experience.

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