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Thanks everyone for the traffic!

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  1. AndyFinkle

    Congratulations, I note that your Twitter investment sends more traffic then a much older (and deeper pocketed) stumbleupon – and Your Disqus more then another older/deeppocketed delicious!

    1. fredwilson

      I got a huge spike in traffic from stumbleupon on the day after election day to my obama post. Without that SU would not normally be in the top ten for this blog

  2. Amit Agarwal

    Good to see Hacker News at #3 .. love that site.

    1. fredwilson

      I take it as a huge compliment that hacker news sends this blog so much traffic. Very gratifying

  3. deepeshbanerji

    over what time period is that data?

    1. fredwilson

      the past 30 days

  4. DGentry

    There is also a gaggle of RSS feeders (like me) who don’t normally show up in your Analytics stats.

    1. fredwilson

      true, but #4, #11, #12, and #15 are web-based feed readers that are driving click thrus to this blog

      1. BmoreWire

        I have to assume #4 includes igoogle.

  5. kortina

    Fred, any chance you can post a cross segment of “Direct traffic” and “landing page”?Direct traffic is kind of misleading because it includes desktop email clients, desktop twitter clients, air apps, iphone / blackberry apps, desktop rss readers, and instant messenger apps like AIM.What “direct traffic” sounds like is people who typed into their address bar, but I would imagine the landing page does not count for a large percentage of your direct traffic. More likely, most of the “direct” traffic is coming from apps I mentioned above.This stuff is pretty interesting to look at and you can get a lot of insight into it using google analytics. Here’s how to do it.In analytics, go to the Direct Traffic report under Visitors. From the “Dimension” dropdown, choose “Landing Page.” note: using the operating system dimension, you could get some insight to how much of this traffic is coming from blackberry / iphone apps:

  6. Josh Klein

    I’m really surprised by those bounce rates; I’d think they would be much lower, especially for organic search. And 94% of referrals from YCombinator News bounce. What were they expecting? 🙂

  7. Paolo

    Wow, apparently social news sites work pretty well for you…

  8. fnazeeri

    The variance in “engagement” is fascinating. The average Disqus visitor spends nearly 6 minutes whereas MSN seems to be sending uninterested traffic (18 seconds average on site). I’ve seen the same wide range of engagement on my blog. If you look at the traffic in terms of “visitor minutes” then there are some interesting changes. For example Disqus jumps 11 spots to #6 from #17. AOL and Yahoo fall 6 and 7 spots respectively while most of the others remain in essentially the same order.I guess the take away is that Google is much better at delivering relevant search results compared to AOL, Yahoo, MSN, et al and that Disqus users are nearly an order of magnitude more engaged than other visitors. Now if you can only get paid for that higher level of engagement…

    1. fredwilson

      That is the challenge and the oppty for social media

    2. Jason Preston

      I agree that it’s startling how much Disqus referrals are creaming everyone else in terms of Time on Site. And the next tier below that includes referring sites like Twitter and FriendFeed.

  9. Seb

    I have this connected to google reader so I’m not sure which source I’m directed through (probably google). All I know is that I’m pleased with the consistency with which you post and the thought provoking and educational topics you provide.