Looking For a "Geo-CTO"

Our portfolio company outside.in announced on their blog yesterday that traffic is up 400% ytd and scaling, performance, and reliability are becoming key concerns for them. And so they also announced they are looking for a CTO who can help them manage to these new priorities.

Outside.in scans the web for local news and information, geotags the content, and serves it up in three places; the outside.in web site, blogs (see the story map on my sidebar), and neighborhood pages on its media partners websites. Basically outside.in organizes the hyperlocal web. It’s a great business and a great opportunity for someone with experience scaling large web services.

Outside.in’s CEO Mark Josephson has more detail on this position, which is in Brookyn (Dumbo), on the outside.in blog. If you are interested, and I sure hope you are, please email to [email protected] with your resume or LinkedIn profile.

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Comments (Archived):

  1. Geoff

    Very interesting site although running slow right now. Bit disappointing that it says “At this time, GeoToolkit is only available to US-based users. We’re working hard on bringing GeoToolkit to everyone soon. ” Can’t really understand why that should be so since feeds and google maps works everywhere.Once again I guess we have to learn to wait over here ;-(

    1. Andraz Tori

      @geofones: Well, algorithms for extracting places mentioned in text are usually not entirely language-independent. Also databases of places have to be available and usually carefully gardened and adjusted to produce wanted results.byeAndraz Tori, Zemanta