YouTube Is A Global Media Property

My friend Steve Kane left an interesting comment on yesterday’s post about analog dollars and digital pennies. In it he noted the following:

any case, i’m not sure what comscore is counting, but most other
measurements services give youtube roughly 65 million *unique* visitors
per month…

contrast, the CBS network alone amalgamates nearly 200 million viewers
— in just one week, and just in the three evening hours of prime time!,100…

never seen nielsen de-duplicate viewers numbers within a network, but
let’s say 50% of those 200MM are duplicated. heck, lets say 75%

just one network, CBS, equals or betters youtube’s entire monthly
audience in just 21 hours (one week of three hour slots)

That caused me to go back to comscore get the exact numbers. YouTube’s monthly worldwide audience was 344mm in October according to comscore and 55mm visited each day. I don’t know what the weekly numbers are but I bet that they are about what CBS gets.

But this post is not about rebutting Steve. His comments are spot on and contributed to the discussion, which is a very good one.

What I hadn’t realized when I wrote the post yesterday is how large YouTube’s global audience is and how much of it is outside of the US. Here’s the raw stats:


YouTube’s audience maps pretty closely to the web’s audience around the world. It’s most popular (on a relative basis to worldwide audience) in europe and slightly less popular (on a relative basis) in asia and latin america. But it is signficant to note that YouTube’s audience in asia-pacific is roughly the same as it is in the US.

Unlike the CBS network, YouTube is a global media property and it reaches every corner of this planet. While many of the videos are in english, a growing number are in other languages.

What is also true about YouTube is that the size of the audiences for individual shows can be as large as a network TV show. CSI was viewed by 18.5mm viewers last week. YouTube has five pages of videos (20 videos per page) that have been viewed more than 25mm times.

I am not arguing here that network style television (long form, story driven) is not a superior form of entertainment. I think the succcess of Hulu to date proves that is. And we know that Hulu will be a much more attractive venue for advertisers for at least a few more years.

But I am amazed at the scale and reach of YouTube and what it tells us about video entertainment delivered over the Internet. If CBS wants CSI to reach 100mm viewers instead of 20mm each week, it can do that on the Internet with worldwide distribution. And I am sure that’s going to happen someday, hopefully soon.

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