On the stage at Le Web on Tuesday, I said that we were announcing a new investment in europe that day. I was wrong by two days. Today, we are excited to announce that we have invested in AMEE, a ‘headless web service’ for energy and carbon measurement and analytics applications. AMEE is based in London but has customers in the US and europe..

I’m writing this on my blackberry so forgive the lack of links. My partner Albert will be joining AMEE’s board and he has a wonderful post on the Union Square Ventures blog that explains what AMEE does and why we are so excited about it.

If you are interested in how the web can impact the environment and energy, you should click thru and read Albert’s post.

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  1. fredwilson

    Thanks tom. I am a huge fan of umair too

  2. tomnixon

    Great investment Fred. I don’t know about you, but I really see 2009 as being the year when things start coming together in terms of using capitalism to make the world a better place. As our friend My Haque wrote recently, redressing the balance away from purely financial capital and considering human, social and environmental capital as equal partners. We might be going through an economic downturn where financial capital is taking a hit, but capitalism is more necessary than ever before to address the world’s other needs. Best of luck with the venture – I’ll be a keen observer.P.S. I’ve told my friends over at The Carbon Disclosure Project (a not-for -profit also in London) to check out Amee and see if there are any partnership opportunities.

  3. kidmercury

    folks may want to look into the environmental emissions tracking movement, particularly the tracking of carbon emissions. the powers that be (i.e. folks that control the money supply) want to create the perception that there are a whole bunch of environmental problems and that we need to track and ration everything. of course, rationing environmental resources will require a global authority to do so. enter a new a layer of government, and a new layer of taxes.this is not some dumb half-baked theory, there is a shocking amount of evidence that exposes the Truth, for those willing to see it. the global warming hoax, the mother of the carbon emissions tracking movement, is the most preposterous of frauds, hundreds of scientists have exposed this already.meanwhile, real environmental issues like honeybees dying, destruction of rain forests, and legislation that makes organic farming harder get ignored.but of course, this is the problem with the whole system. because society is controlled from the top down and not the bottom up, the central banks that control the media, government, military, academic, philanthropic, and finance communities can push their agenda through, and can do so in a way where it seems like it is just a natural movement. it’s also why less than 1% own over 90% of the world’s wealth (something for which capitalism is wrongly blamed for, when in fact socialist policies like government manipulation of the money supply and excessive taxation are the real cause).but a big change is coming, as the economic turbulence of 2008 that will continue for a few more years has given us a taste of. whether that shift is a descent into tyranny (should the destruction of society create a pretext to introduce more central planning) or the birth of a global renaissance (should the destruction of society allow itself to be rebuilt from the bottom up) remains to be seen.

  4. Guest

    Interesting. Do you see other forms of environmental monitoring going down the distributed, consumer-driven way? Would there be interest in, say, consumers testing the fruit from their local grocery for pesticides, entering the data in a web-service aggregator who would overlay geographic data, distribution network data, etc.? What about testing the water for estrogen contamination?Some of our collaborators in Korea are working on this consumer pesticide testing app and think it would be huge. The idea is to have the test device as module that would snap to your mobile (well, they are Koreans after all, everything is about the cell phone there).However, last week I chatted here in Canberra about this and the prevailing view is that Australians have full faith in their government monitoring and regulating of the environment and such consumer-driven testing would not fly at all.I wonder if Americans would be interested in these things…

    1. fredwilson

      i don’t know but i think power to the people is an important trend given how badly govt’s have done protecting us lately

  5. Ian

    …is based in London but ….Why “but”? I think they have the “internets” there too you know ;)how about, … is based in London with customers in …

    1. fredwilson

      good point, i should have said and instead of but

  6. Aruni S. Gunasegaram

    That’s great! In my day job at Austin Technology Incubator – part of The University of Texas at Austin, we just put on the Clean Energy Venture Summit. Check out http://www.entrepremusings…. for the announcement on how Texas is going to lead the way…