Facebook Users Can Comment On This Blog Using Their Facebook Profile

Disqus, the company that provides the comment system on this blog (and a Union Square Ventures portfolio company) has added Facebook Connect support. What this means is if you have not created a disqus profile but do have a Facebook profile, you can leave a comment using your Facebook profile and you do not need to register with Disqus.

I am sure for most of you this isn’t going to matter much since most of the commenters on this blog have already set up disqus profiles. But for new visitors, this is a nice feature. And it is the start of more Facebook integration for sure. The obvious next step would be to allow people who leave a comment with their Facebook profile to have that show up in the Facebook news feed. Daniel, the CEO of Disqus, as much announced that with this twitter reply last night.

I logged out of disqus and left a comment on an earlier post with my Facebook profile and it works great. If you want to add Facebook connect to your disqus comment system, this blog post tells you how to do it.

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