Facebook Users Can Comment On This Blog Using Their Facebook Profile

Disqus, the company that provides the comment system on this blog (and a Union Square Ventures portfolio company) has added Facebook Connect support. What this means is if you have not created a disqus profile but do have a Facebook profile, you can leave a comment using your Facebook profile and you do not need to register with Disqus.

I am sure for most of you this isn’t going to matter much since most of the commenters on this blog have already set up disqus profiles. But for new visitors, this is a nice feature. And it is the start of more Facebook integration for sure. The obvious next step would be to allow people who leave a comment with their Facebook profile to have that show up in the Facebook news feed. Daniel, the CEO of Disqus, as much announced that with this twitter reply last night.

I logged out of disqus and left a comment on an earlier post with my Facebook profile and it works great. If you want to add Facebook connect to your disqus comment system, this blog post tells you how to do it.

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Comments (Archived):

  1. fredwilson

    No, the blogger needs to get a facebook app once for each blog

  2. Knox North

    Hey, facebook connect works! Cool. Glad I don’t have to use some other system.

  3. Khyle Keys

    Disqus made the Facebook connect easy. Getting the API key is a little kludgy, but that isn’t Disqus’ fault.I’m logging out of Disqus just to see how this works. Am I get to need to add an app every time I comment on a Facebook connect enabled site? That’s pretty cumbersome.

    1. Khyle Keys

      One other small thing. I have Disqus on multiple blogs, and I would dig it if I could name an app for each of them. They are completely unrelated, and it looks better if (like Fred) I name the app for the Blog…

      1. khylek

        Ignore my simple ignorance. Must be Christmas Eve brain freeze.

  4. fredwilson

    Maybe disqus can work on that ideaIt¹s a good one

  5. fredwilson

    Hi Dave. I¹m headed back to Paris in a week. Can¹t get enough of that town!

    1. Zee.

      Lol “town”…

  6. Daniel Reich

    This just simplified the entire Facebook Connect to Blog process. Awesome. I imagine in the future you will be able to comment using either Disqus, FB connect and Google Friend Connect? Could there be some sort of consolidation process? (ie. Log into the 1 commenting system, and it reconciles all of the comments between the other systems).

    1. obscurelyfamous

      I think that’s the ideal goal for everyone. Today it’s going to require a bit of cooperation from everyone, but all of this is in the right direction to making the experience a better one for everyone.

  7. davemorin

    Thanks for the note Fred! We’re excited to have Disqus on board with Facebook Connect. Great to see you in Paris!

  8. Hiren

    And Now I have a voice 😉

  9. Daniel Runion

    Testing FB Connect. Pretty damn cool.

  10. Facebook User

    much easier keeping everything together. good work

  11. fredwilson

    Yeah, those keys are not mainstream!

  12. Scott

    just testing. awesome.

  13. aripap

    Thanks Fred, I followed the instructions and set my blog up. As easy as this is, there’s still some intimidation dealing with “API Keys” and “Applications.” I wonder if Facebook will be able to create an application environment for the masses.

  14. Drew Meyers

    I think the disques/facebook partnership is a great one for both companies and will go a long way to merging online identities into one. If everything works out, I can certainly see facebook purchasing disqus.

    1. fredwilson

      Well that is not the point of this exercise to be sure. My hope and expectation is that the ‘head’ of online media will want a premium version of disqus and that will allow disqus to continue to provide the free version to the ‘tail’Freemium is going to be tested in 2009 like never before. But one thing I also know is that low headcount and burnrate is key to making it work. Disqus has done everything so far with 3-4 people

  15. Jon Bischke

    At the risk of using a way over-used phrase…I smell a tipping point for Facebook Connect… 🙂

  16. Vicente Silveira

    Ha! This (commenting) is so much better now with FB. For one thing I predict blogs will get a lot more comments, it will be like BF/AF (before and after FaceBook Connect). The inertia to login (even if you have a profile, even if you remember your pwd) should not be underestimated.One curiosity I have: what kind of information you (blogger) have access to because I’m using FB Connect here ? Do you see (or have API access to) everything in my FB profile, same level of access as say a Friend ?

    1. Peter Boot

      FBConnect is cool but OpenID support from FB would be better

    2. fredwilson

      I’ll check to see the answer to your last question and post the answer as a replyI agree that the friction involved in commenting is large and disqus and others must do everything in their power to reduce it

  17. Lucas Rodriguez Cervera

    Congratulations! looking out to see what “the start of more Facebook integration” is…

  18. Kevin Cimring

    Hi FredEach day, Facebook is becoming more integrated with everything we say and do on the web through applications like this. People who say that Facebook won’t be around in a few years time had better relook at what is happening around Facebook on the web. Instead of waning, its presence its growing; and I think will continue to grow for the foreseeable future aided by the growing number of apps that are linked to Facebook.Kind regardsKevin

  19. isfan

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    1. isfan

      Somehow this comment ended up under the wrong blog post. It was meant go with the Christmas post. Apologies.

    2. fredwilson

      Wow. What a great idea. Thanks for sharing it

  20. Ross Hill

    That’s an interesting development. It works really well!