Heading Out Of Town

It’s been a rough year for everyone and while I’ve been more optimistic than most (and still am) about next year, it’s been rough on me too. The past few weeks in particular have just ground me down and I’ve been feeling sick but working anyway, trying to get year end stuff done.

I’m happy to say that I got through the year end grind and that I’m now on my way out of town, along with my family, for our annual year end vacation. We were planning to go to India but called a last minute audible and are now headed to europe for two weeks. Hopefully, we’ll be going to India next year instead.

As always, I plan to blog a bit during vacation, about what I am reading, where we are visiting, and the occasional observation on the news and the tech scene.

I’ll also be checking email once or twice a day, but I’ve turned on the out of office notification and won’t be responding to email unless it’s something that can’t wait until I’m back.

#Blogging On The Road