If You've Got Suggestions For Boxee ....

Over the past month, I’ve given out close to 500 invites to Boxee, so many of you all out there probably have some thoughts about what’s good and what’s not so good about the service. Yesterday, Boxee announced that they’ve hired NYC-based UX guru Whitney Hess to help them improve the user experience.

In the blog post they asked for feedback on:

what you like, don’t like, what is missing, how are you using boxee,
when and where are you using boxee, why are you using boxee, etc.

And within a couple hours Whitney was overwhelmed with user feedback so they set up a getsatisfaction account and are now collecting the feedback there.

I am a quid pro quo person, so if you asked for an invite from me and got one, please take some time over the next couple days and go to the getsatisfaction page and let Whitney and Boxee know what needs to get better.

We are big believers in the value of a good user driven design and improvement process. I am very happy to see Whitney and Boxee doing just that. It’s going to make for a much better service. I am sure of it.

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