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When I logged into typepad last night, I noticed that I had written 4,423 posts here on AVC since starting this blog in September of 2003. That got me thinking about how many posts I’d written on Twitter and Tumblr since starting on those "microblogging" platforms in 2007. And then I started doing a series of twitter posts on the topic. And I got a bunch of interesting replies. So I figured I’d do a longer post on the topic.

Here are the stats:

Typepad/AVC – 64 months – 4,423 posts – 2.3 posts per day
Tumblr/ – 17 months – 3,364 posts – 6.6 posts per day
Twitter/fredwilson – 22 months – 4,009 posts – 6.1 posts per day

My initial instinct was that "microblogging" is easier so it would naturally produce more posts. And of course that is true. I used to do a little "off the cuff" posting on AVC and that’s how I generated an average of more than two posts per day. Now I do very little of that on AVC (it’s moved to twitter and tumblr), and I’d bet that my average posts per day since I started twittering are a lot closer to one than two.

My tumblr post count is a bit overstated because I used to import a lot of things, like links to AVC and Flickr. I cut that out at least a year ago and I’d bet that since then my post frequency is closer to four or five than six. But the quality of the tumblog has gone way up.

And as anyone who has hit their stride on twitter knows, the post frequency rises over time as you build a larger network and start building twitter into your daily routine. But it turns out that was true for quite a while with me, but no so much recently. It seems, like the other blogging platforms I use, I’ve leveled out at a "sustainable" rate of about 200-225 posts per month (6-7 per day).


After using all three blogging platforms for enough time to figure them out, here’s where I come out.

Typepad (and wordpress, blogger, etc) are great for long form posts but it’s really hard to generate more than one or two posts a day on a true blogging platform.

Tumblr is great for reblogging and that’s mostly what I do there. I don’t tumblog a lot from my phone, although I do at times. I am sure that the majority of my tumblog posts are generated via the "share on tumblr" bookmarklet as I browse the web. What I am really doing on tumblr is a visual version of what I did on delicious four years ago plus mp3 blogging.

And twitter is the easiest of the lot and I do more posting from my phone than anywhere else. That’s how I can generate 6-7 posts per day.

Valdiskrebs replied in that series of twitter posts last night:

that is a lifetime of posts!  what do you do in your "free time" Fred?

It’s a fair question. One of the answers is that I post in my free time; on the treadmill, on the train, and on the plane. Blogging has become easier over the years and my post frequency has gone up. I suspect it will get easier still and with that will come even more content. Maybe not from me, but from the rest of you. Because my vision of social media remains simple:

every single human being posting their thoughts and experiences in any number of ways to the Internet

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